Subscription Review: Happyhamper August Edition

I absolutely love those start-ups who aren’t opposed to receiving constructive criticism and working on bettering themselves, and that is exactly why I am so falling in love with “Happyhamper”.


In their second month itself, they have started taking those additional steps to up their game and prove to be a beauty subscription box to look out for.

Checkout my previous post on their first monthly box for more insights on the brand.

Link below:

This month they have upped their packaging quality, ensuring the box reached in perfect condition this month. The cushioning was maintained and the products received in perfect condition.

Also loved that they sent separate info cards for each product so we would have a better understanding of the product & brand.


This month I received the below products:

  1. Iraa Instasheen Conditioning Hair Mist
  2. The Nature’s Co Corn Exfoliating Face Pack
  3. Fuschia Herbal Fusion Shampoo
  4. Pratha Fresh Rose Refreshing Bath Salt
  5. Veda Natural Green Tea Lemongrass Soap


I just received my box yesterday but was super excited to share this with you. Most of the brands are known to me and highly appreciated, so it just made the box more amazing! Let’s go through a first impression of the products.

  1. Iraa Instasheen Conditioning Hair Mist

Iraa is known for its clinically tested and dermatologically approved skin and hair care products. With a tagline like “Beauty is not a business, beauty is a commitment”, you can definitely expect some amazing products. They are focused on using a variety of natural ingredients, sourced from all over the world to ensure the best of nature reaches you.

This amazing bottle of conditioning mist is power packed with natural extracts of apple and green tea and has a subtle yet mesmerizing scent that leaves your hair fresh and shiny.

Received a 100 ml spray bottle (read awesome packaging!!) @ ₹265.

  1. The Nature’s Co Corn Exfoliating Face Pack

I really don’t think a brand like this needs any introduction. Curated with natures best ingredients their products are all natural, vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly.

This amazingly packaged little tub contains a face pack that multitasks as a scrub. Quite granular,, it surprisingly also seems to be quite oily, as once I removed the outer packaging there was oil all over.

Received a 50 gm beautiful tub @ ₹695.

  1. Fuschia Herbal Fusion Shampoo

Again, a brand that needs no introduction on my blog cause I have been raving about Fuschia products since forever. I have already tried this variant of their shampoo, though their packaging seems to have changed. It’s quite a good shampoo, thoroughly cleans the hair and doesn’t dry out too much. Being an all herbal shampoo, it is definitely worth it!

Received a 50ml bottle @ ₹250.

  1. Pratha Fresh Rose Refreshing Bath Salt

This is the one brand which is completely new to me, but seems to be super promising. I love bath salts as they are the perfect way to destress at the end of a long day. When you open this little tub of magical crystals, the room will smell of roses. The fragrance is that amazing!! I personally ain’t a roses scent fan, but this is quite subtle and pleasing. Not something that would cause a headache, and that works perfectly for me! Made with Himalayan salts, this claims to contain 84 essential minerals that detoxify the entire body. Its magnesium content helps improve muscle and neve function, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Received a 50gm jar @ ₹170.

  1. Veda Natural Green Tea Lemongrass Soap

This is my second Veda soap and I am super excited. Made with natural ingredients, Veda soaps are super beneficial for the skin. This variant – Green Tea & Lemongrass claims to help in the skins oil balance and to help even tone the skin. So excited to try this one, I think it’s going on my soap dish today!

Received a 125gm bar @ ₹210.


Also received a tiny little bottle of kewada essence as a little surprise gift, and this was just an amazingly little bonus gesture. I would imagine this was due to the damaged product I received last month, but it was still extremely thoughtful and sweet!

I am super impressed with this month’s box and curation of products. All amazing brands at a total cost of ~₹1590 for jus ₹699. Total value for money!!


Congratulations HappyHamper for upping your game and proving  to be a beauty subscription box we all need to look out for!

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