Subscription Review: The Flawless & Fierce August Fab Bag

The Flawless & Fierce August Fab Bag is my absolute favourite in a long time, in terms of the bag. It is a beautiful black clutch bag, that is perfect to carry around and will suit absolutely anything.


Having said that, after a long time, the fab bag products have quite disappointed me. Though last month wasn’t great, the products were much better. You can check out my review on it : The Colour Drama July 2017 Fab Bag

The products I got this month are:

  1. Bella Voste Premium Lipstick – Mocha Spice
  2. MOND Sub Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3D Hanging Ears Neck & Facial Mask
  3. Opulence SUGAR Scrub
  4. Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer Stick MC11


Firstly receiving just 4 products itself is kind of a let down and again they just didn’t go with the theme.

Let’s look at them a little more in detail.

  1. Bella Voste Premium Lipstick – Mocha Spice


This was my product of choice this month so a usual I receive a mailer from Fab Bag to choose the shade we wanted from a range of shades. This was the only some what nude brownish shade so had to go with it, though in all honesty the swatch gave quite a different look compared to the one received.

A relatively lesser known brand, I received their nail paint in another box last and wasn’t too impressed with the packaging. The same applies to this. The plastic packaging does seem to be of very inferior quality, with the internal lipstick holder already cracked.

The formula seems to be quite nice and creamy but contains parabens and smudges easily, so overall not too impressive

Price : ₹449 for 4.2gm

  1. MOND Sub Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3D Hanging Ears Neck & Facial Mask

For me, this was the star product! I absolutely love sheet masks and one which applies to your neck as well is just  super plus point for me! This amazing mask not only ensures your entire face and neck is treated, they also add an additional sachet of serum to apply post the mask for that extra magic.

Price : ₹200 for a sheet mask.

  1. Opulence SUGAR Scrub

Another unknown brand, I received a pouch of a sugar scrub. While this does seem to be a potential interesting product, I wasn’t too impressed. It is a sugar scrub and yet without opening, the product seems to be quite fine. Gotta try this out but in all honesty, it hsn’t really intrigued me. Don’t know if it is the packaging or what, but didn’t look too impressive.

Price : ₹500 for a 100gm

  1. Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer Stick MC11


Again, I received this product! This got to be the third time I am receiving this product from Fab Bag, and while I absolutely love the Makeup revolution concealer, it is getting a bit too much.


Especially since the product is so close to the expiry date (December 2017) and the overall product seems to be extremely old stock, it certainly feels like some buy-one-get-one stock clearance sale only here we don’t get the “buy one” product!!

Price : ₹550 for a bullet


Now you can see why it has been such a let-down. Would definitely not recommend this month’s bag to anyone unless they are looking for a sugar scrub, face mask and lipstick!!

Let me know in the comments if anyone would want a review on any of the products specifically.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, bye till next time.

p.s. Nearing another subscriber milestone on Instagram and there will be a giveaway up to celebrate that soon…so stay tuned and spread the news!!

2 thoughts on “Subscription Review: The Flawless & Fierce August Fab Bag

  1. Fab bag mera favourite subscription bag tha per last kuch months se bahut disappointed hu isiliye subscription renew nahi kar rahi hu
    Mushkil se ek hi product se dil khush hota hai, kuch bhi unique nahi raha


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