SUBSCRIPTION REVIEW: NO filter bellabox April 2019

The Bellabox for April is here #No Filter

Bellabox is an Australia & NZ beauty subscription service and if you haven’t checked out my earlier post you can read it here

They have subscriptions with either monthly payments at $19.95 or $18.52 monthly on annual subscription of $222.22 and you can subscribe here

Now straight to the details of the box

#No Filter BellaBox

Inside my box:

  • Steve Laurant Precision Tip Liner
  • Kawaii Brush Cleansing Egg
  • Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream (Sample Size)
  • Enbacci Detoxifying Clay Mask (Sample Size)
  • Ogx Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (Sample Size)

I personally think that this box is only worth it if you want the Steve Laurant Liner, cause honestly the rest of the products are really not worth the box price especially with the 3 samples being so tiny in size. So my recommendation is if you don’t need the liner, skip this month.

A quick first impression on the products:

  • Steve Laurant Precision Tip Liner

The #No Filter Box star product. With an amazing precision tip this liner is as black as it gets. Love the fine tip to get that perfect winged tip. And the pen like design makes it easy to manage and simple to use. Great for a beginner or someone who doesn’t have too steady a hand, like me.

RRP: $33.87 for 1.8gm

  • Patchology / Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels

A quick fix-me-up for tired & puffy eyes. Effectively hydrates the undereye area to bring back that glow to the face and reduce puffiness and dark circles. A last minute solution, its ideal for that gal who is always running out of time.

RRP: $4.22 one pair sample received.

  • Kawaii Brush Cleansing Egg

A recent rage and a must-have for anyone who uses makeup, it’s a silicone multi-textures pad to cleanse your brushes. I have a few already and so would most of you out there if you have brushes to clean, but I guess one can never have enuf of a good thing.

RRP: $11

  • Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream

An extremely tiny sample of Avène’s moisturizing cream, I don’t really think its enough to even make a judgement about the product. Quite a disappointing addition especially since the sneak peak had better selections available. Too tiny a sample to even consider.

RRP: $49.95 for 50ml, 5ml sample received

  • Enbacci Detoxifying Clay Mask

Again an extremely tiny sample, enough for barely one use, this clay mask promises to be hydrating and detoxifying. With Kaolin clay I doubt it can go wrong, so look forward to the one time sampling.

RRP: $44 for 75ml, 10ml sample received

  • Ogx Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

The usual bonus addition, a sachet each of Ogx’s Shampoo & Conditioner in the Damage Remedy & Coconut Miracle Oil variant. Have tried Ogx’s Shampoo’s before and always loved them so glad to try this variant too.

7.4ml sample received of each

The Liner is clearly the only product of value in comparison to the box price. The samples of the cream & clay mask were extremely disappointing and really added no value to the box, even with the brands being reputed. The cleansing brush was a nice addition but the star was only the liner.

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21 thoughts on “SUBSCRIPTION REVIEW: NO filter bellabox April 2019

  1. The article gives the enough information about the products mentioned, from quantity to the quality of the product with additional information about why and for what the product must be purchased.


  2. I love Avene products. They are fabulous for sensitive skin that can flare up easily. Fox products are amazing too. great selection in this box xx


  3. The article throws enough light on the products, their size and quality inside the box and gives a detailed review about each of them. its gives good insight whether to go for it or not.


  4. The liner really looks like the only worthy product. I too hate when subcription boxes include such tiny samples. Very honest review.


  5. It’s not easy to find reviewers who write the truth about the products they use. Loved reading this. 🙂


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