Subscription Review: New Subscription Box – Happyhamper

In recent times, there has been a flood of new beauty subscription boxes in the market, and it gets more and more difficult to decide which one to subscribe to. Amidst all of the claims and promises, along comes “Happyhamper”!


What I loved most about them is this little card they added to their box.


They don’t claim to be the cheapest box, or pass off local brands as part of a luxury box and nor do they collect a bunch of samples to share at an outrageous price. They honestly and sincerely claim to provide a collection of products one would use after they are tried and tested by the team. A box curated keeping in mind quality and cost effectiveness. And that is just what they deliver.

Something about the brand

Happyhamper is a team of six individuals who have a mission; a mission to discover amazing products from all the best and upcoming brands currently in the market and get them to their subscribers. The idea is to make Happyhamper, a true Discovery Box.

The team at Happyhamper explores the market and reviews the brands which are amazingly awesome, and tries to get them for you. Hence, each month, the hamper will be a mix of new as well as popular brands, so that one can enjoy the best of both worlds.

When subscribing online, they ask a few questions on skin type and skin/hair issues so that certain products can be customized and for me that is a great plus point.


This was their first month and there were a few forgivable mistakes. The box wasn’t received in an ideal condition, but ignorable. The products were individually cling wrapped, taking care to seal their lids and avoid any spillage. There are some paper shreds in the box to provide for cushioning and it did justice no damage was done to the products in transit.

The products I got this month are:

  1. Wild Earth Oceanic Calm Body Wash
  2. Bella Voste Glitter Nail Polish
  3. Krishkare Herbals Face Wash
  4. Natural Concept Gel or Jovees Foot Cream & Scrub
  5. Colour Fever Pro Liquid Eyeliner
  6. A surprise accessory

Had the opportunity of trying them out so let’s look at a quick review of each product.

  1. Wild Earth Oceanic Calm Body Wash


This beautiful sulphate & paraben free body wash is one of the most amazingly scented body washes I have tried. Packed with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, this leaves your skin feeling cleansed and yet hydrated. The amazing aqua fragrance reminds you of the ocean, the fresh smell of the beach… so amazing… so calming and yet so refreshing.


It lathers well and the fragrance lingers on, leaving that fresh feeling for a while.

Received a 100 ml pump bottle (super convenient) @ ₹250.

  1. Bella Voste Glitter Nail Polish

Received this rather large glittery nail polish from Bella Voste. Received the shade 56 GL, which is a clear nail polish base with lots of blue and green glitter particles in it. When looking at the bottle, one would think it to be an extremely thick glitter polish, but surprisingly on use it is quite sparse and can be layered up to create the desired look. That is just awesome of a glitter nail polish, cause often they can’t be used subtly. That being said, the quality of the packaging doesn’t seem to be too good. The cap is quite flimsy and definitely doesn’t live up to the price point quoted.


Received a 9 ml bottle @ ₹350.

  1. Krishkare Herbals Face Wash

If you are looking for a light herbal face wash for daily use, this suits the bill. With a refreshing fragrance, this face wash does a good job and quite friendly on the pocket. It cleanses well without drying the skin, but I got to admit I was quite disappointed looking at the ingredients. It contains SLES & parabens, something I would not have expected in a herbal, natural product like this.


Received a 100 ml bottle @ ₹99.

  1. Natural Concept Gel or Jovees Foot Cream & Scrub

This is a personalized product, so people will get either a gel tub from Natural Concept or Jovees Foot Cream & Scrub. Since I mentioned hair fall to be one of my hair problems, I received the Jaswand Hair Gel from Natural Concept.


A brand I have never heard of before, so I was quite skeptical about the quality of product but was pleasantly surprised.

It is a tub of magical red gel and I am in love with this product. Seeing some reviews, I was quite excited to try the cucumber variant for undereyes because dark circles has always been my biggest woe, but I was pleasantly surprised with this variant. This gel has an aloevera type consistency only a bright red colour. It is to be used on the scalp and along the length of your hair. Unlike one would expect, this leaves no stickiness or residue. It is quickly absorbed and like aloevera, it works somewhat like a dry shampoo and instantly freshens up the scalp. It lends volume and a freshness to the hair even the day after washing. It has visibly helped with hairfall, and the hair feels fuller and thicker. People with frizzy hair will also see a positive impact on the frizz. I am absolutely loving this, and am sure I am going to repurchase this one. And looking at the low price point, am sure I will try out the other variants too.


Received a 150 gm tub @ ₹80.

  1. Colour Fever Pro Liquid Eyeliner


Another unknown brand, this liquid eyeliner is your basic black liner. The wand is quite thin and easy to use, and the colour is jet black. Once it dries, it is quite smudge proof so it is ideal for regular use. Surprisingly, the outer packaging didn’t carry any details of the ingredients so I am quite clueless about that.


Received a 7 ml bottle @ ₹175

  1. A surprise accessory

This product too varies in each box, but I received a beautiful statement ring.


Though I usually don’t use too much junk jewelry now, I used to be a big fan. The ring is quite pretty and quality didn’t seem too bad, but soon after I tried it, one stone popped off. It is repairable, but quite disappointing. I intend to stick that back and use this statement piece because it really is quite pretty.

The price of this product isn’t mentioned as it was a surprise addition, but ranges ₹200- ₹250.


Overall for a new subscription, I must say it is a good start. It is available at 699 and you receive products worth ₹1174 (including the surprise accessory of ₹200-250), though I really think they need to up the overall value. The nail polish is really not justified at ₹350 and that being the most expensive product in the box, it may not justify the benefit received. I do like the fact that they are focused on providing products everyone would use, and mixing known and unknown brands.

Definitely look forward to next month’s box, and hope they up their game.

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4 thoughts on “Subscription Review: New Subscription Box – Happyhamper

  1. Mujhy sabse acchi ring lagi, bahut hi khubsurat hai 👌👌

    Baaki products bhi acche hain per nail pain 350/-₹ ka sach me nahi ho sakta ..baaki inko variety n brands ka to shyan dena hoga 😊
    Good luck to team Happyhamper 👍👍💐💐


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