Happyhamper August Edition

I absolutely love those start-ups who aren’t opposed to receiving constructive criticism and working on bettering themselves, and that is exactly why I am so falling in love with “Happyhamper”. In their second month itself, they have started taking those additional steps to up their game and prove to be a beauty subscription box to…… Continue reading Happyhamper August Edition

Restaurant Review: Busago, BKC

It’s once again time for another food review!! We decided it was time for an awesome meal and since we were heading to Bandra, we decided to try out a much raved about cozy little place in BKC – Busago. Little about the Place Busago is in BKC, just next to Masala Library, behind Starbucks.…… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Busago, BKC

Product Review: Aaranyaa Hair Pack Argan Oil (Spa at Home)

Along with the whole world, I have started moving towards more natural products for my skin & hair care. And while we now have so many brands thinking in that direction, few are seriously natural and beneficial. I have come to realize that the best products are not from these large conglomerates trying to create…… Continue reading Product Review: Aaranyaa Hair Pack Argan Oil (Spa at Home)