Subscription Review: My Envy August Beauty Box

My Envy August Beauty Box is the most beautiful floral lavender box one could imagine! I love lavender and I love this box.


I received the box before the products were announced so it was a pleasant surprise receiving some amazing goodies.

What’s in my box:

  • Soultree Lipstick
  • Seer Secrets Tranquility Facial Mist
  • Iraa Eye Serum
  • Elixir Shop – Zaria Brightening Serum
  • Nyasa Divine Lotus Body Lotion


The products were perfectly fitted in the box and I was super excited to receive such a range of amazing products from amazing brands I was super keen to try anyway. Lets look at them one at a time.

  1. Soultree Lipstick

This was the only product I was aware of, as we had received a mailer early in the month to select the shade we wanted. It was a shade amongst 4 and I chose “Coral Pink (904)”, though the product list does indicate a choice amongst 7 shades.


I have used Soul tree lipsticks before and absolutely love their formula. These are super creamy and though they have limited staying power they can be easily touched up as they don’t leave dry patches on the lips. They contain natural ingredients and that’s what make me reach for them time and again.

Price: ₹550 for 4.5gm

  1. Seer Secrets Tranquility Facial Mist

This is a brand that has recently flooded the market and I was super keen to try. While I had my eyes set on their deodorant cream, I was happy to receive their facial mist as it has got some rave reviews.

A nice convenient spray bottle packaging is what I love about a facial mist, as it makes it so much more easier to use on the go. Received the Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquility Facial Mist which claims to be a complete face refreshed. Can’t wait to try this one!

Price: ₹297 for 100ml

  1. Iraa Eye Serum


Another brand I was eyeing for a while and this time luckily I got the product I so wanted. As you must know from looking at any of my pics, I suffer from terrible dark circles. I guess it is genetic so very rarely does anything work. I have heard loads about this serum being enriched with some super natural ingredients like exotic algae, grapeseed, cucumber and shea butter, and am hoping it has some effect on lightening the dark circles if not removing them. Will definitely have a product review on this one post use.

Price: ₹490 for 20gms

  1. Elixir Shop – Zaria Brightening Serum

Another brand gaining popularity is Elixir. They are super famous for their essential oils and serums so was happy to receive this. Though just a sample of 5 ml, a serum is always welcome. And when you receive one power packed with natural ingredients like lavender and rosemary, you have to be excited. This claims to even the skin tone and lighten dark spots, so have high expectations of this one.

Price: Sample bottle of 5ml for ₹550 (Full Size – 30ml for ₹1800)

  1. Nyasa Divine Lotus Body Lotion

Another sample size product, from a brand I have heard of but have never tried. The packaging is a very basic sample plastic bottle, but the fragrance of this product is soooooo divine! It absorbs quite quickly and leave no residue but a hydrated feeling. High in vitamin E and wheatgerm oil, it claims to help avoid skin ageing and quite honestly I see this one to have high potential with regular use.

Price: Sample bottle of 35ml for ₹105 (Full Size – 145ml for ₹425)


I am super impressed with this month’s curation and can’t wait to try out the products. I am glad that all the products were from brands focused on natural ingredients and will happily use them all. And the fact that it has a nice split between sample and full size products is nice.

You can buy your envy box at:

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