Subscription Review: Runway Ready Bellabox March 2019

Back after a very long time…

Sorry for being away for so long, I guess I have just become complacent after taking a break to settle down.

Hope you guys have checked out my posts on my move to Australia, and I know I need to catch up in that series too, but am trying hard to get back on schedule. Uni life ain’t that easy, keeps you quite occupied and time seems to be just flying past.

I also went through some heart-breaking times on the personal front and would like to ask you all to say a quick prayer for Ashfak Merchant, someone very dear to me, who passed away last month.

Now finally, I am gonna get back to writing. Hopefully consistently.

Today’s post is taking me back to when I started, Beauty Subscription Boxes and this is my first subscription in Australia, BellaBox. Though this is the 3rd month of me receiving amazing boxes, this is my first full post, so even though it’s a bit late for the month of March, I still wanna share with you all.

You can check them out here, and they have subscriptions with either monthly payments at AUD$19.95 or
AUD $18.52 monthly on annual subscription of $222.22.

Currently they ship only to Australia & New Zealand.

March Runway Ready BellaBox

Inside my box:

  • Bang Beauty Brow Cream
  • Acqua Di Parma Chinotto Di Liguria (Sample Size)
  • Palmolive Hand Sanitise Lemon & White Citrus (Sample Size)
  • Voeu Micellar Wiipes
  • Luiere Bio-Cellulose Mask
  • Palmolive Rose with Macadamia Oil Body Moisturiser (Sample Size)

The box is the same each month, a pretty powder blue with polka dots and the BellaBox Logo on top.

I have to be honest, from the boxes I received this certainly isn’t the best coz I have seen more value in the others, but it still is worth the price and a great investment for beauty enthusiasts like me.

Now just a quick first impression on the products:

  • Bang Beauty Brow Cream

A full size product, this is the star of the March Box. I had received a mailer to confirm my choice of shade and I got the shade dark brown. It’s the cutest little clear pot and comes with a nice tiny brush to apply. I have tried it out and the formulation is amazing. It feels and applies like a ax but has a very powdery finish giving a very natural look to the brows. I personally have thick brows so don’t need to fill them in but it’s amazing to give a bit of definition.

RRP: $22 for 3.5gm

  • Acqua Di Parma Chinotto Di Liguria (Sample Size)

A 1.2ml Sample vial of an amazingly refreshing scent. This has a floral fruity fragrance with a musky undertone. Extremely refreshing and quite unisex.

RRP: $119 for 75ml, 1.2ml sample received.

  • Palmolive Hand Sanitise Lemon & White Citrus (Sample Size)

A gentle on the skin hand sanitizer with the strong fragrance of lemon and white citrus. Honestly, I felt the fragrance to be too strong and very chemical, like a bathroom cleaner. Not a big fan of this but nice size to carry along especially if you have kids.

RRP: $3.69 for 48ml sample received.

  • Voeu Micellar Wipes

Love this!! These fragrance-free, vitamin enriched micellar wipes are a lazy girl’s best friend. It’s super convenient to wipe of makeup at the end of the day when you are too tired to go thru thorough cleansing. It doesn’t dry out the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

RRP: $1.50 for 25 wipes

  • Luiere Bio-Cellulose Mask

This was the highlight of the box for me, coz I love using sheet masks. Was keen on trying Luiere for their amazing range of masks and glad to have got the perfect anti-aging variant for me. Enriched with natural extracts, I can’t wait to try this one out.

RRP: $15 for 1 Mask

  • Palmolive Rose with Macadamia Oil Body Moisturiser (Sample Size)

A small bonus addition, a sachet of Palmolive’s Rose with Macadamia Oil Body Moisturizer claims to uplift & repair the skin. It promises deep hydration and is non-greasy. Too small a sample to really judge but will be nice to try it out.

12ml sample received.

Overall, the most valued products being the brow cream and the mask, the box is definitely worth the cost but have generally found more value in the other boxes. The scent, sanitizer and moisturizer samples weren’t really impressive but simple additions to some good products. Look forward to a better curation next month.

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31 thoughts on “Subscription Review: Runway Ready Bellabox March 2019

  1. RIP Ashfak ji 🙏🙏
    Kisi ka jaana itna easy nahi hai per aap khud strong baniye , hum sab aapke sath hain 🤗🤗
    Family me sab kaise hain? Bitiya thik hai?
    Subscription boxes ab mujhe attract nahi karty per haan inme kuch products to acche nikal hi aatey hain 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always keep sanitizer and wipes in my purse …they have now become an essential that I have to carry whereever I go..will definitely try this one out


  3. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one.
    Looks like a wonderful subscription box congratulation on your first detailed post about it. Would love to get my hands on it soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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