Product Review: TestnReview – Mond’Sub Gold Facial Crystal Collage Mask / Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes

Times are changing and I am so glad for that. Bloggers usually really have to struggle at marketing themselves and it gets so difficult, many give up along the way. It takes time and investment and unless you have the time, more often than not, people just give up cause of lack of visibility.

Along comes platforms like testnreview, which give aspiring bloggers an opportunity to highlight and market themselves to the world. Not only do they provide a platform but support in collaborating bloggers with various brands out in the market. A win-win for all.

Through testnreview I received two products to review.


  • Mond’Sub Gold Facial Crystal Collage Mask
  • Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes

Let’s review them one at a time.

Mond’Sub Gold Facial Crystal Collagen Mask


While I have already tried Mond’Sub Masks, this was the first time I tried out the Gold Collagen Variant. I recently shopped like crazy at Mond’Sub during their Independence Day sale and got a couple of this variant too, but never got around using it till I received this sample.

About the Brand

I have already reviewed Mond’Sub Masks so details can be found on the link below, in case you haven’t already read it.

Mond’Sub’ focus is to bring to the market, a variety of dermatologically tested facial masks. They have a range of variants like its Whitening, Moisturizing and Soothing versions that have a special 3D effect making them perfectly fit like a second skin and provide optimum hydration to result in glowing skin. They contain special ingredients that renew dead cells and fill wrinkles giving you a firm skin. The Gold Mask is one of their most popular variants.

The Product and My Experience


This mask comes beautifully packaged in a plastic tray. It’s a thick mask, unlike the usual fibre/cottony masks we get in the market, hence laid down flat and not folded. It has a plastic like finish, and the essence it is soaked in, can be seen in the tray, though on removal, there is just enough essence left over to coat your neck and décolletage.


It is a little difficult to initially place the mask as doesn’t seem as flexible, but once on the skin it kind of adjusts quite easily. Though with this mask it’s best one lies down and let it do it’s magic.

I left it on for around 25mins as recommended on the pack, and had a quick nap in the meanwhile.

It stayed put and felt nice and cooling on the skin. There was no irritation at all and it felt refreshing. On removing it, I instantly realised the mask felt much thinner than when I placed it on. Which was amazing as that showed the mask actually penetrated through my skin, as there wasn’t too much residue left behind. My skin was glowing! It felt quite nourished, plumped, refreshed, soft and supple!!


Though the pack does indicate that they suggest at least 3 uses to see results, this one use was quite sufficient to see an impact.

I am totally impressed and am super glad I stocked up on these!


  • Sits well on the face
  • Super nourishing
  • Visible impact on the skin


  • Quite thick so need to lie down to maintain it on the face, avoiding any multi-tasking
  • They recommend multiple uses to see results, though I did feel a difference in one use


I overall loved the mask. It was a good, refreshing lift to my skin and made my skin glow. Not sure of the collagen effects, in regards to aging skin, but it does look promising.

My Rating: 9/10

Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes

Founded in 2015, this is a relatively new brand. The focus is on face and hand wipes, with their greatest USP being Paraben free and alcohol free.


When someone comes up with a product which has such an advantage over what’s commonly available in the market, it has to flourish. At an extremely affordable cost of ₹5 per single-use pack of one wipe, this is something I know every mom would want to stock up on for any time out with the kids. Safe and convenient, what more could want in a wipe. They are extremely well moistened and have a nice cooling effect. With a light subtle fragrance, it’s extremely refreshing and ideal to use for adults and kids alike.


  • Convenient
  • Travel friendly
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Hygienic


  • Not easily available in local stores, but available online.

Absolutely love these and it’s already become my handbag essential!

My Rating: 9.8/10

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