Food Review: Epigamia Greek Yogurt

Today’s review is going to be of interest to everyone out there… be it girls or guys, kids or adults, the young or elderly… I discovered an amazing snacking option which is ideal for absolutely everyone. And not only is this delicious, it is healthy!!!

Something found in every Indian household is just spruced up to make it a snacking option of choice.

Epigamia Greek Yogurt


Something about the brand

Epigamia is a Greek Yogurt brand, (not so recently, read 2015!) introduced to the Indian market now taking it by storm. This is a branch of the Drum foods chain of the Hokey Pokey Ice-cream fame. They discovered an amazing secret to satisfy the taste buds with a comfort food (dahi or yogurt) and pep it up with a healthy tasty touch of fresh fruit. Not only is this healthy, for those diet conscious people out there, but it serves to be the perfect alternative to those who don’t chose their other offering of ice-cream! Brilliant isn’t it!

The Product

What is Greek Yogurt? It is simply thickened or drained yogurt or commonly known dahi, where the water and whey is strained out to leave behind low fat and high protein thick yogurt.


Epigamia enriches this Greek Yogurt with the addition of natural fruit pulp, making it a healthier, tastier snacking option. And there is a flavour to suit every individual’s taste buds!

Not only do they offer a variety of fruit infused flavours, they offer snack packs meant for that slightly hungrier snack time, which offers you a granola or barley puff mix to be incorporated with the flavoured yogurt. How thoughtful is that??

They also offer savoury variants, that serve purpose to those who don’t crave that sweetness.

Variants available

Besides the obvious common flavours, Epigamia offers a variety of innovative and interesting flavours as well. I received the following:

  • Natural


  • Strawberry


  • Mango


  • Blueberry


  • Honey Banana


  • Green Apple


  • Vanilla bean


  • Wild Raspberry


They also have variants in their snack packs, I received the following:


  • Mango with Chunky Granola
  • Vanilla Bean with Chunky Granola
  • Strawberry with Chunky Granola

They also offer the following savoury variants in their snack packs, which I am definitely going to try out:

  • Jalapeno with Barley Puffs
  • Cream & Onion with Barley Puffs



This come packaged in individual, one-time use, travel friendly plastic tubs of 90 gms each, with a foil closure.

The Snack packs are of 112 gms and have a lid which encloses a foldable spoon in between, and sealed with foil inside the lid is the snack additive, either chunky granola or barley puffs. The exceptionally thoughtful addition of the foldable spoon makes this the perfect on-the-go snack. All you need in the palm of your hand.


Made with pasteurized double toned milk and milk solids, these contain certain added cultures, natural colours and flavouring but no preservatives have been added, making the shelf life short. The Granola is made with oats, rajgiri puffs, rice crispies, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, golden syrup and all things delicious!


My Opinion:

These small tubs of flavoured yogurt have become a favourite in my house!!

With two kids, my daughter & niece, at home I was quite sure I would have to share these delicious looking treats, but little did I know it would be swiped out so quickly. But the joy on their faces, while they gorged on these delights, was priceless and I am definitely reordering to get those looks again.

Epigamia have out done themselves with the variety of flavours available. There really is a flavour to suit everyone. And I personally love the snack packs. They are delicious and so convenient. They were my breakfast on the go while I drove to work, and I just loved it.

Having tried the fruit variants, I am super eager to try the savoury variants too. They seem to be ideal as my snack on the drive back home after work.


  • Perfect quantity for a one time snack
  • The snack pack is ideal on-the-go snack with its individual foldable spoon
  • Great variety of flavours


  • Not easily available in everywhere in stores, but the online options compensate
  • Need wider variety of savoury options for snacking

My Rating:

A 9.8/10 snacking option!

While I have always been a fan of muesli and yogurt, these flavoured varieties are just awesome snacks. Love that they have a good variety of options and the savoury options are just the perfect additions. Look forward to more variants coming up soon.



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3 thoughts on “Food Review: Epigamia Greek Yogurt

  1. Thankfully ye humari city me mil jaata hai 😊 bitiya mangwati hai
    Mujhy bhi iska taste bahut accha laga, bina kuch mix kiye bhi ye accha lagta hai , main isme oats, dry fruits, fruits , musili, cornflakes kuch bhi mix karke khaati hu 😊
    Thanks for sharing dear 😊


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