Subscription Review: The Steal the Limelight October Fab Bag

20171005_222625The October theme of the Fab Bag “Steal the Limelight” brought with it high expectations. And after a below average September Bag, I honestly expected something spectacular. Unfortunately, this month too was kinda disappointed. The bag was pretty Red with a glittery finish.

  • The products I received:
  • Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick
  • Mond’sub Gold Facial Mask
  • Kronokare City Detox Face Wash
  • Yuana Premium Hair Oil

The bag was well packed with all the products smug inside. Even the mask was folded up to fit!

  1. Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick


Honestly, the only product which makes this bag worth a look is this. As usual, a mailer was sent out and I got to opt for the product and shade I wanted. There was a good selection available amongst the new launches including the eyebrow products and various lip shades.


This lipstick is super matte and smudge proof. It does need some time to settle well on the lips and your lips do need some moisturizing before application, but overall a nice product. And I absolutely love the shade – 14 Teak Mystique.

Price: ₹499 for 4.5ml

  1. Mond’sub Gold Facial Mask


Mond’sub masks are amazing and I absolutely love this variant, though I certainly didn’t appreciate the way it was folded up to fit in the bag as the mask has got slightly damaged.


I have already stocked up and previously reviewed this product (link below for your reference) and maybe that is why I wasn’t super excited with this mask. Overall it is a good addition to the bag.

  1. Kronokare City Detox Face Wash


This deluxe sample of the Kronokare face wash is a repeat product in the Fab Bag, but I do like the product. I have reviewed this individually too and you can check out the link below for details:

  1. Yuana Premium Hair Oil

This is the only new brand introduced this month. Claims to be premium hair oil which is a blend of 7 different oils, curated to provide complete hair care. The disappointing thing is the first ingredient itself is mineral oil, and that is not something I am happy about. All the other oil blends seem to be perfect for hair care but we all know mineral oil just ain’t an oil I would have wanted added to my ideal blend.

Price: ₹337 for 50ml


After reading up on the products, I am sure you ain’t too impressed either. The Sugar product and the Mond’sub mask are definitely great additions, but somehow another repeat product and a not so impressive “premium” hair oil just didn’t live up to it!

You can check out the fabbag at:

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