Product Review: Skin18 Mediheal Dress Code Masks in Violet, Blue and Black

My Sincere apologies for being MIA for the last few days, been really caught up, with lots going on. But I always try and squeeze out time for some skin pampering, so tried out a few more masks I received from Skin18 for review. If you want to know more about the Mediheal Dress Code Masks, please keep on reading….

Something about the brand


I have raved so much about Skin18 and absolutely love the various brands they carry as they are all amazing Korean Skin Care brands, and the world can’t stop talking about how great Korean skin Care is.

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As part of their blogger program, I received my level 3 pack of 3 masks and opted for the Mediheal Dress Code variants. They sent me the Violet, Blue and Black variants which were all really good. Lets get into a little more detail.

The Product & My Experience


All 3 masks came packaged alike, in individual foil pouches with instructions on the back and beautiful, bright prints of the mask designs in the front. While most of the print was in Korean, they did mention the ingredients in English and had pictorial representation of the usage instructions.

While all of these masks have the prime focus of hydrating the skin, the essence of each variant has specific ingredients to address various skin concerns. Did a little research and basis my experience can go through each of them.

Mediheal Mask Dress Code Violet


The Violet variant of the Mediheal Dress Code Mask is focused on skin toning. With ingredients like Hyaluronic acid which is a humectant (moisture binding ingredient), this mask helps build the moisture levels of the skin and makes it look younger and plumper. It contains natural berry extracts which helps to brighten skin and firm it up.



Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black


The Black variant of the Mediheal Dress Code Mask is focused on Whitening. While I personally don’t believe in the concept of “whitening”, I do believe it helps more in brightening the skin and evening out the skin tone. This mask contains extracts of Sea buckthorn and other natural herb oils that help in lightening the skin. It also contains pearl powder extracts which is known for its brightening properties.



Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue


The blue variant of the Mediheal Dress Code Mask is focused on rejuvenation of the skin. Rich in Bamboo extracts, this mask helps in rejuvenating the skin by strengthening blood vessel walls, increasing the skin elasticity and maintain the PH balance. It also contains Ginkgo biloba extracts which is primarily used to help enhance blood flow, thereby resulting in healthier skin.



My Experience:

Had an amazing experience with these masks. They all are super hydrating but also proved to be more than just that! The Mask comes neatly folded, soaked in essence in individual foil pouches. It is a little difficult to open out since the essence makes it quite slippery and it has no separate film backing. The mask is nicely cut, which makes it very easy to adjust to the contours of one’s face, and they all have a subtle, pleasant fragrance. There wasn’t too much essence left behind in the pouch post removing the mask, but considering they were quite soaked, I really appreciate the quality of the mask. I kept the masks for around 15-18 mins each and the essence had not yet soaked up completely, so after removing the mask I slowly patted the remaining essence in and patted the still damp mask all over my neck and decolletage. They all showed excellent results as with a single use the effect was noticeable and the glow last for a few days.

Post use effect:

Mediheal Mask Dress Code Violet – This mask was definitely my favourite. On removing this mask, the effect on the skin was quite evident. It felt like it shrunk my pores and my skin felt much tighter than usual. It was amazing because while I did feel the skin was tighter, it was at the same time extremely well hydrated and plumped too. Of course, the tightened feeling didn’t last too long but the next day too my skin was glowing.

Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black – Once I removed this mask, I could see a glow like never before! I can’t really say that glow lasted more than a day or two, but the nice hydrated feeling did last a couple of days. Regular use of this mask may really benefit by evening out the skin tone like it promises because I could definitely see a difference with this single use.

Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue – Honestly, the major difference I felt in my skin post use of this mask is extreme hydration. The skin felt soft, plumped and hydrated and that lasted a couple of days. It really refreshed the skin, and felt like it brought it back to life.


  • Super hydrating masks with amazing individual effects on the skin
  • Visible effect lasts a couple of days
  • A variant for various skin issues


  • The mask didn’t have any backing so was difficult to handle and apply initially.

I would consider all these 3 variants to be 8.5/10 as they provided visible effects!

You can buy them online at:

Skin18 has a wide range of masks and other beauty products available so suggest you check them out!

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