Product Review: Skin18 – Jeju Natural – Green Tea Mask & Volcanic Mask

Decided to do a quick review of the Skin18 Jeju Natural Masks I received. Received two variants and they both seemed quite hand picked for me. They were the Green Tea Mask for deep moisture & pure skin… and the Volcanic Mask for pore care & sebum control.

Something about the brand


Skin18 is a revolutionary skin care brand with their focus on Korean Skin Care routines.

Have done a couple of reviews on their masks before. Check out the links below:

As a part of their blogger program, I received these two variants of their Jeju Natural Masks and was surprised at the extremely short shipping time, so glad for that.


The Product & My Experience

Well, like I said, both masks seemed ideal for me.


The Green Tea Mask is specifically meant to deep moisturize your skin and as I age (read not so young anymore!!) I think I need to up the moisture lock on my skin, and this helped me do just that.

The mask was neatly folded inside the packaging, soaked with essence. The mask is relatively thicker than most masks I use, so wasn’t too happy with that. Just felt too thick on the face. And it was way too big!! Of course, that too didn’t contribute to y happiness with the product. With a not so great first impression, I placed the mask on and lay down for a while. Usually after taking out the mask, I always have tons of liquid left in the foil envelope, enough to apply across my neck and décolletage, but this had very little left over, so my neck had that privilege. I had a difficult time placing this mask though, as it was much larger than the other masks I have used but somehow managed to fit. Prefer it to be larger than smaller, so I guess that was the idea. After 20 mins of the mask, I removed it. Being quite thick, I felt the mask retained some of the essence coz it was quite damp though my skin didn’t feel so wet.

After removing it, I realised what the fuss was about! My skin felt super hydrated. It was all plumped up and as soft as a baby’s bottom. I tried out this mask late in the evening for a pick me up, and boy was it worth it. The next day too my skin was hydrated and plumped up.

A suggestion, which I conveniently missed is to lace the mask in the fridge for a while. Would make the whole experience a notch higher!!




Once again, a single use/ single mask packaging. The mask was folded in the foil casing with details & instructions on the back.


  • Super hydrating with the effects lasting a couple of days, which is relatively good for a face mask!


  • Was too large and too thick.
  • The quality of the mask could have been better, but the product did do its job!

I would consider this product to be a 8.5/10 as it’s prime & only job is to give that additional hydration boost and this mask does just that!

You can buy it online at:


The Volcanic Mask received was a bit more focused. This mask claimed to somewhat help with pores. It also claims to take care of excessive sebum. Once again, this mask was again too big for the face, but finally did manage with it, thankfully. Thankfully, cause the results were awesome! Similarly, to the above, this mask too was larger than required but I managed to make adjustments. Once again, the perfect results astounded me. This mask too had the same thick serum consistency and limited leftover after use. One removing this mask, I was amazed to see the disappearance of my otherwise visible pores. And the effects lasted for over a day. My skin felt smoother and of course this too had the hydrating effect to my skin.




Once again, a single use/ single mask packaging. The mask was folded in the foil casing with details & instructions on the back.


  • Very effective on large open pores. Diminishes the appearance of pores and does hydrate the skin enough so the skin doesn’t over produce oil.
  • Super hydrating


  • Was too large and too thick like the other mask.


You can buy it online at:

I would consider this mask to be a 9/10 as it really did make a difference to my pores.

Extremely happy with the results of both masks.

Skin18 has a wide range of masks and other beauty products available so suggest you try!

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