Restaurant Review: Busago, BKC

It’s once again time for another food review!! We decided it was time for an awesome meal and since we were heading to Bandra, we decided to try out a much raved about cozy little place in BKC – Busago.


Little about the Place

Busago is in BKC, just next to Masala Library, behind Starbucks. It’s a small little outlet with just about 7-8 tables and a small counter at the end with a simple menu of Pan Asian favourites.

The décor is kept extremely simple, with wooden & cast iron tables and chairs. One side is a brick wall and the other is kept simple with a few wall posters showcasing details on the kind of food served.

There are small laps hanging from the ceiling over the tables, which add to the quaint look.

My Experience

The place is quite small and tables close together giving a cramped feeling, but was surprised to see they have a good turnaround. One table used to empty and in a few minutes, it was full again, though they really didn’t have any waiting. When we walked in, 2 adults & 2 children, we initially sat at the table closest to the door.

Sadly, that was a bad choice, because due to the rainy weather, there were too many flies inside and especially at the tables close to the entrance.

So, we moved a couple of tables inside after a few minutes. The server came for the order as we sat and we had to ask for some time, while we browsed through the menu. Finally, when we were ready to order, it took around 5 minutes for anyone to come to the table. So, the initial service experience wasn’t too great but the prompt service through the rest of the meal made up for it.

We started with some beverages, lemon & peach ice teas which came in the standard plastic lidded cups. They were both well made with the typical ready, powder mix. We also tried out their special coconut nimbu pani. This was quite an innovative drink and is a must try. While I personally loved it, my partner felt quite differently. It is made with simple coconut water to which they add some lemon juice and ginger. It was really refreshing and something different from the usual.

We ordered chicken momo’s and their famous chicken bao’s for starters. While the momo’s were quite ordinary, served in the standard cane steaming basket, the coating was a bit thick and the filling easily slipped out if you didn’t finish it in a bite.


The bao’s were absolutely delightful. The Bao is a steamed bun, and they served this in a taco like fashion by stuffing it with a chicken mix and topped with peanuts. I personally am not a peanut fan, so kinda let them all fall out while biting into the warm, cloud-like-soft bun with the spicy, tangy chicken mix. This was really a good choice off the menu.

For our main-course, we ordered Chicken Kaukswe. This is a big bowl of rich coconut gravy, (sorry the pictures were clicked after the kids served as they were too hungry to wait!!). It is served with noodles and a wide variety of toppings. The toppings are served on a separate platter for each to mix and match. The toppings include boiled egg, chopped cilantro, fried garlic, fried onions, chili flakes, chopped spring onions, chopped celery, salted peanuts, lemon wedges, and onion slices. As per the menu, they are supposed to have prawn pickle but that was missing! The gravy is quite rich and the portion is enough to feed two children.


They had a special menu there too, so we ordered the second main course from that. Three style prawns.


This was a bowl of fried rice topped with 3 styles prawns in a thick red gravy. The bowl of food is quite enough for a meal, though it does initially look like a small portion. It was extremely well cooked, and extremely delicious.


They also have a good variety of desserts available, and many were on display at the counter, unfortunately we were too stuffed to try them.

Overall this place was absolutely impressive. Extremely good food, relatively good service, though I did feel the prices were a little over the expected, but considering the BKC location it was quite average.

Would highly recommend this place if you want to try something out of the ordinary and have some good food without an excessively loud ambience.

Rate it an 8.5/10 simply cause of the several flies within the outlet.


23 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Busago, BKC

  1. Bahut acchi jagah hau ye to, variety n taste dono accha dikh raha hai,aapne itne acche se review kiya hai ki muh me paani aa gaya, meri frnd nxt month Mumbai ja rahi hai usko bolti hu ki yehan jarur jaye 👍


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