Product Review: Aaranyaa Hair Pack Argan Oil (Spa at Home)

Along with the whole world, I have started moving towards more natural products for my skin & hair care. And while we now have so many brands thinking in that direction, few are seriously natural and beneficial. I have come to realize that the best products are not from these large conglomerates trying to create a good image but from the more local brands, and brands from India itself.


Something about the brand

Aaranyaa is a natural beauty brand based in India. With quality products made with natural ingredients, they promise optimum results with minimal use of preservatives and chemicals. Their commitment is towards designing and developing products which take care of skin naturally and effectively.

Why they claim to be so effective:

  • Fusion of Ayurveda with modern skin-care technology

Aaranyaa uses ancient Indian Ayurveda skincare to develop effective beauty products. They infuse natural, skin- friendly ingredients called Amino Fruit Acids (derived from Indian fruits) and herbs used in Ayurveda into their range of products.

  • Paraben and sulphate- free products

Aaranyaa does not use any form of parabens in their product range. Shampoos and facewashes contain very low sulphate or no sulphate at all.

  • Lightweight and quick to absorb

These water-based products enables them to be absorbed quicker, and provide deep hydration to your skin.

  • Conforming to Global Standards

They advocate a healthy lifestyle, so all products are not only corrective in nature but also good for your skin. These products conform to global standards (FDA, US) and are approved by Indian FDA too.

  • Cruelty-free products

Their products do not have any animal-derived ingredients. And they do not test products on animals.

  • Shelf life sans harmful preservatives

Aaranyaa uses mild preservatives that are naturally derived or used in food products. Parabens, allergens, and strong preservatives are not used in any products.

While the above information is furnished on their website, I totally agree with the product effectiveness from personal experience.

The Product & My experience

Aaranyaa Hair Pack Argan Oil (Spa at Home)


This tub of goodness pleasantly surprised me. I received this 250ml plastic tub a while back. With a very average quality of packaging, I assumed this product to be another of those common hair masks which claim to be effective and natural but often disappoint. But I was wrong.

This tub contained a white-greyish cream-consistency conditioner, which as per instructions, is to be used post shampooing your hair. They recommend to keep it on for 10-15 mins and wash off.


What I loved most about this product is that unlike usual conditioners, they recommend you to apply this on your scalp as well.

I used it for a couple of weeks, and tried to keep it on for at least 5 – 10 mins each use, but even when I kept it for a few mins, the results were visible.

This hair spa is more like a deep conditioner, and since it does contain a lot of natural extracts, it really helps smoothen the hair. My first use wasn’t so great. I did feel it was a little drying, but later realized it must have been the new herbal shampoo I was using, because after that first time, I have used it multiple times and have had an amazing experience.

My hair felt stronger and smoother with the fizz dying down completely.



Aqua,Cetyl Alcoho,:Ceteryl Alcohol,Argan Oil,Niacinamide,Guar Gum,Extract of Amla,Bhringraj,Shikakai,Green tea,Vitamin E Acetate,Kathon CG,OMC,Citric Acid & Fragrance .

It is available in a 250ml plastic tub and comes at a price of ₹445.


  • It does an amazing job of smoothening the hair and taking away frizz.
  • It has loads of natural extracts that will help strengthen the hair


  • Don’t recommend using it with a drying out shampoo, it loses some of its effectiveness
  • Dispenser is not available and one has to scoop from a tub
  • It causes a bit of oiliness if one doesn’t wash regularly
  • Contains quite a few “not so natural” ingredients

I would rate this product an 8/10 because not only is this a relatively natural alternative, but it also provides very good effects. The hair feels smoother and doesn’t knot easily.

Overall this conditioner is a healthy alternative to those chemical laden hair care products and provides amazing results.


You can buy it online at:

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16 thoughts on “Product Review: Aaranyaa Hair Pack Argan Oil (Spa at Home)

  1. i have heard about immense benefits of argan oil but never found a decent product. This one looks great! Thanks for the review 🙂


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