Product Review: Ryaal Black Mess & Ryaal 100% Tea Tree Oil

Sorry for being MIA for  while, just have a lot going on… It’s hard being a single mom… so firstly a big shout out to all those single mom’s out there who are rocking life!! You go girl!!!

Today decided I have just got to take out time to tell you all about a product that I was so skeptical about but has totally surprised me with its performance.


Something about the brand


Ryaal Essentials is a growing brand catering to the essential oil’s market which is becoming more and more popular now-a-days. A lot of people are moving to the natural way to treating various skin problems and the DIY trend is picking up speed in all avenues. Essential oils play a large role in solving almost any kind of skin issue. But that’s not all, essential oils are used in a variety of other ways at home too! And it is so difficult to get pure essential oils, cause you usually get the diluted versions used in diffusers. If you want to get the best of your essential oil, you need a 100% pure blend and that’s where Ryaal will be your saviour.

The Product & My experience

While Ryaal is focused on essential oils, they have recently come up with a skin care product, of course based on a blend of essential oils. So today I am going to talk about two products, this miracle skin care product and one of their essential oils.

Ryaal Black Mess (Mask, Scrub & Cleanser)


Ryaal recently launched this product and I just had to try it! Their tag line “I am a mess myself, but promise to leave your skin mess free”, holds perfectly true.



The product comes in an extremely cute, matte black, screw-top tub. It has a light plastic seal inside that perfectly holds in the thick black mess inside.



  • Activated Charcoal, Fuller’s Earth, Morocco’s Lava Clay, Organic Dead Sea Mud soaks up the dirt & grim from the skin leaving it deeply cleansed.
  • Sugar & Walnut Shell powder takes away dea skin & clogged pores. Aloe Vera & Glycerin soothes irritated skin
  • Peppermint &Tea Tree oil heal & prevent acne.


125 gm tub at ₹496. While this seems a little steep, this product lasts extremely long as you need a tiny amount which has to be diluted abit to form a paste and then applied.

My Experience:


I honestly was a little skeptical about this product. Firstly, the name, Black Mess, sounds super quirky and generally something sold via great marketing rarely stands up to expectations. The look of this mask is scary, extremely black thick paste, which can be lightly diluted and applied. Have experienced most multi-purpose products excel at one thing and do averagely well as another product and this is being sold as a mask, scrub & cleanser so wondered which would it work best as. Skeptical as I was, I tried this out and believe me I saw amazing results with the first use.


This thick black paste can be scooped out and diluted abit with plain water, rose water or milk. Then it can be used a quick cleanser, a more thorough scrub or left on the skin as a mask. I tried it all ways and was super impressed.

As a cleanser, this can be a little deceiving as it is black and it does take a few washes to take off that “black mess” but it leaves the skin squeaky clean. And this is without actual scrubbing and just a quick wash, which still has a light scrubbing effect because of the particles in the product.

As a scrub, it does an amazing job. Enriched with tea tree oil, fullers earth, activated charcoal & walnut shell particles this cleans out the stubborn clogged pores and leaves the skin glowing. It works like magic over acne too as it cleans it out, and calms it down at the same time.

As a mask this is awesome. My most favourite way of using it, (ya ya I am abit lazy!) this is the best mask I have used.. especially now since my skin has been acting up and I have been breaking out. After using this mask, the acne literally disappears.

The best thing is use it whatever way you want, your skin glows post use.

It has a nice cooling feel from the peppermint oil, and has the most amazing fragrance. A mix of peppermint and tea tree oil. I just love it. Can sit sniffing that tub whole day!

They say to use it daily as a scrub and twice a week as a scrub & mask, but in my honest opinion I think this is a little strong for daily use as it still does have a light scrubbing effect and tea tree oil can be too strong for sensitive skin if used daily. But definitely recommend using it tow to three times a week.


  • Amazing fragrance
  • Cooling on the skin
  • Great for acne affected skin
  • Works well on even that one off pesky pimple
  • Leaves squeaky clean yet not drying skin


  • May be a little strong for daily use

I highly recommend this one. It is truly one of the best masks I have tried and am sure I will restock on this.

Rating: 9.5/10

You can buy it online at

Ryaal Tea Tree Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Melaleuca alternifolia


An essential oil Ryaal is popularly known for! I regularly use tea tree oil to treat those pesky one off acne and off late I have been breaking out quite abit. I guess stress, pollution and limited skin care due to my busy schedule has taken it’s toll on me. Usually I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment as it can be pretty strong for the skin and has to be diluted and used on used sparingly. Well this one surprised me!



Love the fact that this little blue glass bottle comes with the best kind of packaging for an essential oil. An inbuilt dropper seal with a simple screw-top cap and the alternate option of a dropper cap.




₹269 for 15 ml

My Experience:


I have always loved using tea tree oil but its difficult to get something pure yet not too strong that it will harm your skin. I was amazed with this one though. It is the perfect strength to treat those pesky acne as a spot treatment and yet doesn’t burn or damage the surrounding skin.



  • Amazing fragrance
  • Great for acne treatment
  • Works well as a diffuser oil when diluted with a carrier


  • None at just as it should

This is definitely one of the best tea tree oil’s I have tried and it is working excellently on my skin.

Rating: 10/10

You can buy it online at

Ryaal Tea Tree Essential Oil


I am extremely happy using both these products from Ryaal and have become a fan for life! Believe me, I had some active acne across my cheek and after using the black mess mask and an overnight spot treatment of the tea tree essential oil, the redness vanished completely, and the acne dried out in two days.

Essential Oils are super beneficial and can solve almost any problem, be it skin related or around the house.

For skin use, certain oils may suit you and some may not, and of course, it’s equally important it is used in the right way. I would highly recommend a patch test before using any of these products as essential oils can react differently on different people.

That being said, if you are someone who is interested in essential oils, you have got to chech them out.

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