Product Review: Zoe’s One Day Detox Diet

As the name suggests, today’s post is about something quite different than the usual. It isn’t really a product, it is a complete one-day detox diet plan.

Something about the brand


Zoe meaning “life” in Greek, is a nutrition-first food & beverages brand, dedicated to providing complete detox solutions to its patrons, while helping in weight loss, building immunity and improve overall health and well-being.

Built with a team of nutritionists, they are committed to providing healthy yet tasty detox options at your convenience.

The Product and My Experience

Zoe One Day Detox Diet


Zoe’s One Day Detox option is super convenient for those who want to lose some weight or just detox for the health boost. This neat packed box is your guide for the day…

According to the principles of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, fasting once a week is the best thing you can do to completely detox your mind, body and soul. Based on this concept, Zoe has curated a one-day diet that helps you detox and improve your overall health levels.

While I will take you through my experience for that day, I first want to clear things that such plans work for most but there is a possibility it doesn’t suit you and doesn’t show you similar results. I am just going to give you a view of the complete procedure and my personal experience.


The box is packaged very conveniently with a note advising of the procedure, and what must be taken when.


I loved that it is extremely specific even quoting the time of day. A heads up here, that this diet does require your involvement every couple of hours, hence it is best to choose a date when you are home or have easy access to ensure the steps can be followed.


The pack is filled with 7 small & 1 big sachet and 5 unique tea diffusers. I absolutely love the convenience of the diffuser as there is no hassle of straining! I think people at Zoe have taken every possible option into consideration when designing their products, and I love that! Everything is perfectly labelled so there is no confusion.

My Detox Day Experience

This is my weight the morning I started my detox, weighed first thing when I woke up.


So, your day starts between 6 am to 8 am with an Amla Drink and the application of a face mask.. BONUS!!!


I loved that they added something like this to give an extra pep. Love the thoughtfulness.

The Amla drink is in a powdered form and one only needs to add it to a glass of water. Have this cool and it is amazingly refreshing. The powder is a little granulated, so you must stir for a while before it dissolves. It is a great start to the day with a nice energy boost and a slightly sweetened drink.


The face mask can be mixed with milk or water and applied for 10-15 mins till dry and wash off. The mask is cooling on the skin but not drying, so post wash it leaves a nice clean yet hydrated feeling.


Between 8 to 10 am they recommend having a nice breakfast which is the big sachet containing muesli, your favourite fruits and either milk, creamer or yoghurt.


Along with that goes a nice cup of Organic Spiced Kashmiri Green Tea. This is a tea I already started out and it is infused with various spices like cinnamon, cardamom, etc. that make this tea a pleasure to drink. In fact, this is the tea that got me hooked onto green tea.

Between 10am to 11am, its time for another cooling drink – Lemon Ginger! Once again, the powder just needs to be dissolved in a glass of water, easy-peasy!

Super tasty, just like your “nimbu-pani” just maybe little less on the sweetness, but certainly refreshing.

Noon to 2 pm is kept for lunch! Yes, it is detox day, but you shouldn’t starve yourself so empty out the sachet of tomato soup in 200ml water and bring to a boil. Pour and enjoy a nice cup of soup. I must admit, for a powdered soup, it was quite tasty!


Along with that, a cup of Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea. Light and refreshing, this tea helps you feel full and yet light!

Between 2pm to 4pm, you get a light snack in a beet & amla drink. Don’t make that face, it is quite tasty. Honestly looks like a light kokum sherbet, but tastes little like beetroot but more of amla. It isn’t too sour but has a nice slightly tangy punch to it.

4pm to 6pm, you can reach out for a nice cup f black tea, the Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea. A light black tea, this one felt like your usual cup of evening tea.

From 6pm to 8pm you get a nice pre-dinner snack – Lemon juice. And who doesn’t like lemon juice, right? Slightly sweetened, this powder is slightly fine and dissolves relatively easily.

From 8pm to 9pm, you get a nice cup of corn soup for dinner. Similar like lunch, you need to boil the contents in water and enjoy. I felt this was slightly thicker than lunch but very subtle flavours.

9pm to 11pm you can take your bedtime cup of tea and call it a day. This is the Organic Caffeine Free Lemongrass & Chamomile tea. Chamomile naturally induces sleep, ensuring you have a good night’s rest.

The next day morning you can finish the detox with the last Flat Belly Tulsi Green Tea diffuser, and start afresh with a nice cup of tea.

This complete procedure may look like it has too many steps, but believe me it is quite quick. Mostly just boiling water and waiting for the tea to diffuse or soup to boil.

So now for the surprise…


That’s my weight the morning after my detox. Wow..isn’t it!

Now I got to be honest here, I am quite active of late, going for a morning cycling stint and with an overall hectic schedule so not sure if everything has combined and helped me show this difference, but it made me feel good to see the scale.

It’s been week now and I haven’t put back that weight, so I am super impressed and intend to try this out again soon.


Personally, if you ain’t used to fasting I wouldn’t recommend this weekly as it maybe too much for your body, but definitely can try it out twice a month. I personally didn’t feel hunger at any time through the day, in fact I felt quite refreshed and good, but maybe that was just my excitement showing up. If you do feel hungry, I would suggest not starving it out, but perhaps indulging on a healthy snack like a fruit. I also suggest ensuring you keep yourself hydrated, so keep sipping water in between those multiple green teas and believe me, your glowing skin will thank you.

I have personally had an amazing experience, and am waiting to do my detox again. You can check out their website through the link below, and the often have amazing offers for package deals.

I am absolutely loving Zoe and their tea range and am definitely re-purchasing not only the one-day detox but something more from their various tea ranges. Most looking forward to their sleep specialist – The Organic Caffeine Free Lemongrass & Chamomile Green Tea. It really helped me sleep soundly so I highly recommend.


  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Healthy


  • Requires some effort every 2 hours, but worth it.
  • Access to hot water is a must through the day and for lunch/dinner may need a stove

Overall, I loved the One Day Detox Diet Pack from Zoe and look forward to my next detox day.


Priced at ₹1200 for the day’s supplies, it may seem like an investment, but believe me it is worth it. All you need besides this pack is for breakfast a cup of milk and any fruits, if you want to add. Everything else is in that box.

You can buy yours from Zoe online:

Highly recommend checking out their tea variants as they are awesome!!

You can use coupon code “DEBORAH” to get a flat 20% off.. Valid for a year, so happy shopping!!!

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, and check out my other social media, links below. Bye till next time!

12 thoughts on “Product Review: Zoe’s One Day Detox Diet

  1. I was just searching for Zoe reviews online and found your blog. I was convinced to buy the product and did the same as well after reading it. However the icing on the cake was the 20% offer you shared 🙂 Thank you…


      1. Definitely! Good luck 🙂 Also pls let me know whether you are able to follow the diet plan on other days!

        I am trying my best but still not able to match !!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Got a coupon code by your name? Indeed a paid review isnt it? Quite obvious. I expect atleast some people to be real customers and not influencers whom companies contact for such paid comments.


    1. Hi Kriti, this isn’t a paid review. I was certainly sent the product for a review by the company but since then i have personally purchased 3 or 4 times cause i like it and standby my review. I have products reviewed which i did’n’t like too and they were sent by the company but the reviews are always my honest opinion.


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