Goa: The Place to be!

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is ready to go on holiday or busy preparing for a holiday. My all time favourite holiday destination, which many of you may already know, is the sandy beaches of Goa!


And believe me with Christmas coming up, it’s the best time of the year to go there.

I absolutely love Goa and has been my annual vacation spot since many years. It’s a great short vacation spot for Mumbaikars being just a drive away and with the festivities there, it calls out to people from all over the globe. Goa is packed this time of year but surprisingly it is said to be the best time to be there.

With every beach abuzz with tourists, there are activities lined up everywhere. From water sports and jet ski’s, to para-gliding and bungee jumping, hair braiding and tattoo artists everywhere you go you can see something different and exciting. The food is absolutely amazing and if you are a seafood lover, your day is definitely made. But don’t be fooled to think the vegetarians lose out, because there are some amazing vegetarian joints all over Goa which make us hard-core non-vegetarians also give up and spend at least one meal without out meats or fish.


During this time of the year, you will find numerous events planned out all across Goa from the carnival to local events. And every location will have its own special touch to the festivities! In the North of Goa, which is more of the party hub you will have loads of tourists out to mingle with each other and party till the wee hours of the morn with food and drink flowing freely. The South is generally considered to have the more private party spots, as it is a lot quieter with spaced out resorts and open land all over. So, families prefer to relax here and spend some quality time with each other rather than get engulfed in the crowd of North Goa. Honestly, I personally love travelling across Goa to get the best of both worlds, and all you need is transport which again is easily available on hire there.


Goa is not only a perfect holiday destination but is now becoming a great place to invest too, cause no matter what everyone in India wants to go to Goa at least once in their lives. 😊

The best part of Goa is its old-school charm. The charming, homely villas, the small by-lanes that lead one house to the other, the stopping points everywhere with food carts and pop-up shops makes Goa a simply wonderful place to be. With loads of tourists, it is still quite advanced in availability of everything you need but maintains the homely villa looks at every nook-n-corner.


There are loads of people looking to invest in Goa and now it’s just so much easier with online sites like Goa Villa Estate making everything so much more convenient.

Anyone interested in investing in real estate in Goa need to check them out. Established since 2009, Goa Villa Estate is known for setting realistic expectations, providing in-depth details & assistance whether it is to buy or sell a property. They have an extensive data base to compare properties across Goa including Villas, commercial and residential properties and land plots. They can assist with screening and valuation of the property, preparing and execution of documentation and registration of the property. At reasonable costs they are the broker of choice across Goa and can assure you the best possible service always.

So, if you have that stashed away saving that you are looking to invest, this is the time to check out Goa. I highly recommend connecting with Goa Villa Estate and look forward to a great investment. And by buying a property in a place like Goa, you get the benefit of enjoying it too!!


30 thoughts on “Goa: The Place to be!

  1. I had been to goa for 6 months, for a few years ago and had a great experience and awesome memories with this place, Goa villa state seems like a great option for those people who want to buy property there. thanks for sharing info about it.

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  2. I am guilty that I haven’t been to Goa yet. But I truly agree that Goa is “the” place for real estate investment. My friends who already have a property there are minting extra income by giving their property on rent for tourists. But that’s a different thing. It is also great for having a small farm house like feel.


  3. I have been to Goa twice and absolutely loved it!! I love seaside in general and beaches always brings smile on my face. Great post!!


  4. Goa is one destination in India which will stay young and happening forever. I never knew there are options of getting property in Goa for outsiders too. I am definitely discussing this with my hubby. Thanks for the info!


  5. Goa villa properties are super stunning with old world charm. Since I originally hail from Goa I’m totally partial to it.
    I will definitely check this site out .

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  6. Goa…!! It’s not just a place, it’s a feeling!! But I know only about the tourist attractions. But this post gives a lot of info. Keep writing.

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  7. Well written..Goa’s charm refuses to die..Most of us have been to Goa multiple times, still every-time we end up exploring something new & beautiful.For instance , in our recent trip, we explored two of the cleanest & exceptionally beautiful beaches of Goa – Ashwem & Agonda . Superb they are.Calm & Clean. Have summed up the whole experience including live videos about these two beaches here, do check out :

    Thank You !

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