Those Matte Lips!!

With the festive season slowly settling in, it’s time to refresh the cosmetic bag too. That means make-up shopping… yeeaaaahhhh….

Whilst many people like the bling during this season, I prefer my lips doing the talking and absolutely love my matte lips. This is one trend that isn’t fading away anytime soon. And us lucky gals are just getting more and more options, whether it’s the simple matte lipstick, crème mattes or liquid mattes! & the shade choices are numerous. A shade for every mood!!

So, though I am generally a “do up my eyes, and let my lips go light” kinda gal, even I can’t resist a good Matte lippy.

I always do recommend a nice layer of lipbalm before applying any matte lip shade but with the new formulas out in the market, check out Colourbar, these will feel just so comfortable on the lips you can easily forget you have a lipstick on!

Don’t stress if you don’t have the time too, because now its just at the click of a button, Colourbar is available online in a variety of shades, and you can check out some my recommendations below.

  1. Nude Mattes


These barely-there, my-lips-but-better kinda shades are perfect when you wanna play up the eyes and shy down the pout. Can’t get enough of my nudes, and surprise-surprise these can come in a number of shade variants too be the best matched nude!

  1. Matte Pinks

The most feminine shade of them all, the pink matte is undoubtedly one of the sexiest lip colours available. The right pink can baby-girl your look or make you a sexy goddess. Love the shade ranges from frosted mattes to shocking pinks. Perfect to match with a contrasting shade of blues and purples, but goes well with almost any colour.

  1. Matte Wines



The more bolder version of the pinks, the wines call out strength and power. The bold shades are great paired with subtle eyes and to make a statement. Love pairing wines with grey and beige. Makes it stand out!

  1. Matte Reds

The boldest colour of them all. A statement by itself. Who doesn’t sizzle in a red hot lipstick!! You need the confidence to carry it off or let the lippy say it all!! A shade that calls out women power, goes with almost any outfit if you have the will to carry it off.

  1. Brown Mattes

My absolute favourite. They are more sophisticated and subtle yet pleasing. Can call out bold or disappear like a nude. Great for daytime when you don’t want your lips to stand out yet want them to make an appearance!

  1. Other Mattes

Just grouping these to include the corals, oranges and other shades in-between. A variety to play around in and the matte finish is just the perfect classy effect!

So what are you waiting for, login online and re-vamp your lipstick stock and be ready for the festive season! Yup, online, its just that simple now… pick your shades and have them home delivered!!

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24 thoughts on “Those Matte Lips!!

  1. Matte lipstick is just a solution to fix up any look. Take it from day to night. My favourite mattes are red and wine shades as they look mysterious and transforms your look.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The “nude mattes” took my heart, I swear!! I will make sure that I’m gonna get this one for myself this Christmas!


  3. I love matte lipsticks but I find myself reaching for Creamy mattes more which are very comfortable on the lips yet stays longer than normal lipsticks. Love my browns, nudes and reds x


  4. I prefer wearing matte coz they stay long..and out of these my favourite is nude matte..I wear it mostly o n all occasions


  5. Thanks for sharing the pro tip of applying nice layer of lipbalm before applying any matte lip shade. My favourite from the list is brown and red shade


  6. I’ve only got matte lipsticks in my kit. That’s because the glossy ones don’t suit me. Neither do nudes, even matte ones. Reds are favorites.


  7. I am a big fan of bright mattes. Nowadays I have started with nude mattes too. Love mac retro mattes and myglamm lip crayons


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