Diwali – Festive Gifting!!

It’s that time of the year again ….

Festivities and celebrations!!

Diwali – the festival of lights – The season for family, food, sharing and gifting.

I personally love the fact that more gifting means more shopping!! My absolute favorite way to pass my time. 😊

So amidst all the sweets and snacks, meals & drinks, one has to take out time to shop for the numerous gifts for all your loved ones. But more often than not, there comes a point where you are at a loss in deciding what to gift. Everyone wants to be innovative yet practical!

strawberry set

So, who doesn’t like to pamper themselves… we all need some TLC and gifting your loved ones something to help them with that is always a winning option. So here are some of my suggestions which are well suited for everyone in the family…

  1. Fragrances

gift set

This is my favorite option as it works for men & women, young & old. A perfect, simple gift that no one can get enough of. With a large number of variants available, you can always personalize your gift with the right fragrance. So whether it is a nice musky fragrance you prefer or floral undertones there are always options. My favorite is the Body Shop White Musk Gift Pack which looks so classy and comes along with a matching body lotion so the fragrance lingers on the whole day. For a more feminine touch opt for the White Musk L’Eau EDT Gift set with beautiful floral undertones.

  1. Hand Creams

hand cream trio Gift Set

This is one gift I personally love receiving. As a working woman, after the housework and time spent in the office I rarely get time to pamper myself. Having a hand cream around is always something I appreciate as that few seconds one takes to moisturize your busy hands, really makes a difference. A few minutes to lather on some moisturizing hand cream, which also has a therapeutic effect with a lovely fragrance, is just the little boost in the day to keep me going.

  1. Body Care Gift Packs


Another something, which is so practical, everyone has to appreciate it. With the personalized touch of your recipient’s favorite fragrance whether it’s the delicate Fuji Green Tea or the vibrant Satsuma, there is an option available for everyone. The perfect loofah, bodywash, soap & body butter or lotion kit, everything one needs for ultimate body care. Kids absolutely love the Strawberry variant in my opinion and for the more elegant elderly women British Rose is always a winner!!

  1. Shaving Kits

Shaving Cream and Shaving Brush

For those special men in your life, whether a partner, dad or brother, this is an ideal gift. To be pampered, whilst grooming is what every man craves, and the right shaving accessories do just that. Try the Maca Root Shave Away Kit and you are sure to score brownie points with the men in your life 😊

  1. Lip Butter Kit

Lip Butter Gift Set

For the teen girls, this is a sure winner. With a range of options available, which are good for your skin, Lip Butters make for the ideal gift little girls love to flaunt. My daughter loves her lip butters and never leaves home without it.

There are of course loads more options available, but these are some suggestions for all the different family members. So what are you waiting for, save your time and place your orders online right now by clicking here.

british-rose-premium-gift-set.jpg     Body Butter gift setSatsuma Gift Set





Gotta get back to my Diwali prep, so here is wishing you and your family a very


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29 thoughts on “Diwali – Festive Gifting!!

  1. These aŕe some really fabulous gifting options. Body shop products are loved by almost everyone and these are greatly and warmly received as gifts too. Happy Diwali.

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  2. Happy Diwali to you. Love the different Diwali gift ideas especially the fragrance and shaving kits definitely and good choice for the male member of family

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