Vitamin E – The Skin Miracle!!

I have come to realize the amazing benefits of using oils on the skin after I moved to the dry climate of Australia. In Mumbai, I avoided oils, barring a few, because I always felt that oils on the skin would be too heavy but I now realize how advantageous it can be to use certain oils.

Since I started using oils, I did some research and want to share my findings so you can be aware and take advantage of the benefits oils can offer.

Today let’s talk about Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is most commonly found in the oil form and has always been considered to be a miracle worker leading to flawless skin.

Vitamin E is intensely rich in anti-oxidants that protect and heal the skin. As humans, we have Vitamin E in our natural skin, which helps the skin glow but sometimes due to external factors, this Vitamin E needs to be supplemented. This could be through the consumption of Vitamin E rich foods such as nuts & seeds like peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds or green veggies like kale, spinach & broccoli. This could also be supplemented though topical application of Vitamin E oil or Vitamin E enriched creams or lotions.

The benefits of Vitamin E on one’s skin, either through consumption or topical application, are extensive and so here I listed a few:

  1. Anti-aging

No matter what one does, aging is inevitable, so this is one major issue we all have to face. But it can be delayed; and depending on how you pamper your skin the entire process can be much more graceful. Vitamin E enables that. The anti-oxidants in Vitamin E help slow down the aging process of the skin. UV light, pollution and smoke all produce free radicals that lead to damage to the skin’s DNA, collagen and skin cells. Vitamin E helps neutralize these free radicals but the skin generally isn’t capable of producing so much Vitamin E to deal with the levels of damage in today’s age. By supplementing this Vitamin E, we can help fight damage to the skin, restore the collagen levels and reduce signs of ageing.


  1. Natural SPF enhancer

No Vitamin E does not act as an SPF, but it can delay the effects of sun damage to your skin as Vitamin E naturally absorbs UVB rays. This, of course, means that SPF is still needed when stepping out but Vitamin E can act as an enhancing protective layer. Sunscreen lotions enriched with Vitamin E, hence, are always more efficient as it has the backing of a UVB absorbent.


  1. Maintains Skin Hydration

Vitamin E forms a protective barrier around the skin cells. This not only prevents damage to the skin, but also prevents moisture loss. It locks in the moisture, hence, keeping the skin hydrated for longer. Its antioxidant effect also helps fight inflammation, thereby, calming the skin and fighting infections.


  1. Diminishes Scars

Vitamin E protects and helps in the healing of the skin cells. This helps in the healing of scars which is just damage to the skin cells. This complete rejuvenation is, of course, a slow process but results are usually visible quickly with the fading of scars.

eps_jpg_1079387_4_Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream_GOLD_TEX_INNEOPS407

These are just some of the benefits of Vitamin E on the skin and ever since I read about it, I have upped my Vitamin E rich foods intake and have switched to use more Vitamin E oils & creams. I suggest you do the same for healthier, younger looking skin!

Highly recommend trying out the Body Shop Vitamin E range which is the best I have come across. Let me know how you like it!

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21 thoughts on “Vitamin E – The Skin Miracle!!

  1. I absolutely love Vitamin E and Tea Tree range from Bodyshop. They do excellent products that do wonders to the skin. Thanks for sharing in-depth post about Vit E collection. I need to get the moisturiser for my dry skin.

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  2. I too use to think oil can be heavy for skin in Indian weather but your blog has surely changed my mind. I’m definitely gonna use this 😁 thanks for the info 🙂


  3. I too used to think oil can be heavy for skin in Indian weather but your blog has surely changed my mind. I’m definitely gonna try this one 🙂 thanks for the information 🙂

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  4. No doubt vitamin E is one of the best skin nourishing agent. It also offers great anti ageing properties. One must include this ingredient in her skin care routine.

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  5. Thank you for sharing such a detailed blog on skin health, the product looks promising, would definitely like to recommend it to my friends too


  6. Yeah! I so agree vitamin E do wonders. I even mix it with my hair oil before applying. Good to know other positive points of using it. Such an amazing blog.


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