Let your Lips do the talking!!

Well I promised to try and be more regular with my writing and since you all know I recently moved country, I hope you can give me some time to settle in before I get back on my writing schedule.

It is crazy cold here in Adelaide, Australia and the past few days have been crazy with stormy winds and the cold rains. The biggest change though is the dry climate here. Compared to back home in Mumbai, the weather is extremely dry and what makes me realize this the most is my chapping lips!!

So today let’s talk about Lip Care!

Lip Care is something we quite often tend to skip as part of our skin care/ beauty regime, but it also is something we should consciously ensure we regularly manage.

Did you know the skin of the lips is much thinner than that of the rest of the face and hence most easily prone to damage? This could be due to something as simple as less hydration or harsh weather conditions like dry, cold weather or too much sun. That is also the reason why our lips are visibly pinker, as the blood vessels below the surface are visible through the thin layers of skin.

Being one of the most prominent features of the face, one really needs to take care of the well-being of the lips to ensure an overall healthy look & feel. Let’s look at some tips I put together to help you in your regular lip care.

  1. Hydrate

It is so important to keep yourself well hydrated! Not only for your lips but your entire body. In fact, when you feel your lips are dry and you feel parched, your body is already below its hydration levels.

Don’t forget to keep drinking loads of water and keep your skin glowing!!

  1. Protect

The sun can be extremely damaging to your skin and your lips are no exception. The sun’s harsh rays can cause damage to the lips causing dryness and pigmentation. These impacts are not as easy to reverse so we need to follow the rule – prevention is better than cure! Make sure you apply a hydrating protective lip balm whenever you can and keep reapplying throughout the day.


  1. Rejuvenate

We need to realize that like the rest of our skin, the lips too keep rejuvenating themselves. So like the rest of your face & body, you need the occasional scrub to clear out the dead skin and let the bright, fresh layers shine through.

  1. Pamper

Your lips need some TLC too. So, whenever you plan a Spa day, don’t forget your lips. Now-a-days lip masks are easily available in the market, and if you don’t have access to one, just double up the care routine of a light scrub and a nourishing lip balm.


  1. Beautify

Finally, don’t forget that your lips do all the talking, so if you want to really impress someone, you need to make those puckers visually appealing too. Depending on what type of gal you are, bold and bright or shy & timid you can choose from a wide variety of lip products like lipsticks (stick, crème, liquid) or lip glosses or even a nice tinted lip balm. This could make all the difference!!

So, don’t forget to take good care of your lips, and really let them do all the talking!!!

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20 thoughts on “Let your Lips do the talking!!

  1. These tips are very helpful/useful for maintaining beautiful lips and I am gonna share these tips with my loved ones . Please keep sharing more such tips .. I want some tips on how to maintain beautiful hands & feet. 💗


  2. Lip care is most essential, I also scrub with homemade DIY brown sugar and honey scrub. Post that use lip balms. With these tips anyone can have soft supple pink lips.

    Liked by 1 person

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