Product Review: Breathefresh’s Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag Advanced

Whilst we always turn to our homes to be the safest heaven for us, we strive to ensure every bit of furniture and each of our home appliances meets the required safety standards to keep our loved ones safe. If there is a kid in the house, those standards are raised 10-folds! But how often do we step back to realize how good is the quality of air in our houses??

Indian homes are abundant with chemicals and pollution dispersed on the air. This is the same air we are breathing in day in and day out! These may arise from various sources across the house including the chemical cleaners we use, to the stove we cook our food on, to the paint on our walls, the toiletries we use, air fresheners and even the furniture.

A recent study shows that the indoor air is upto 5 times more polluted than the air outside! Isn’t that an eye opener!

This pollution develops dangerous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Benzo(a)pyrine Nitrogen Oxide & Formaldehyde which can be the cause of several dangerous diseases like cancer, respiratory disorders, reproductive issues, impacts on the nervous and immune system, eye, nose and throat irritations, etc.

Whilst many of us don’t realize the impact and the cause until it’s too late, prevention is always better than cure!!

India’s first air purifying bag brought to you by Breathefresh, made specially to treat the indoor air we breathe – Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag, is here.


No chemicals, no fancy machinery- just Simple and Sustainable clean living encouraging bag!!

About the Brand:


Breathefresh’s mission is to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and promote a healthier life by creating cleaner indoor air naturally.

Their solutions are powerful yet affordable with products varying from Air Purifying bags, natural Air purifier with anti-bacterial essential oil, Air Purifying plants and more.

More about the Product and My Experience:

Breathefresh’s Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag Advanced


A simple linen cloth bag, that helps relieve your home from airborne chemicals and supports the health of your family. It helps reduce harmful pollutants, mildew and mould, bacteria, allergens and unpleasant odors in the air.

This 100% activated charcoal bag is based on extensive research and contains different kinds of charcoal with varying pore sizes and activation temperatures, to make it an extremely powerful indoor air purifier.


Being all natural it is safe for children and pets, BPA free, Non-Toxic and completely odorless.

With a 3-layer technology, Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bags Advanced give maximum coverage of gases commonly present in the house. Specially designed for Indian houses, it combats maximum odors, and pollutants, absorbs excessive moisture from humid and musty corners, and helps keep away bacteria, mould and mildew. It is the most natural and effective way of keeping your home air pure and breathable.


Being extremely purpose, this is great to be placed in all corners of the house.

  • The bedroom to absorb chemicals and odours.
  • The washroom to remove bad odours and absorb extra humidity.
  • Areas where chemicals like household cleaners, mob cleaners etc. are stored. Chemicals gets released into the air at the room temperature and get into our bodies through breathing. Vayu adsorbs such chemicals.
  • Areas used to store valuables like cameras, etc. to adsorb humidity that may cause damage.
  • With seasonal clothes packaging to get away with smell and humidity issues
  • In the refrigerator to avoid smell mixing
  • In Travel Bags
  • In the Car as Car Air purifier
  • Freshly painted rooms or Furniture to absorb the chemical & smells

Ain’t this just amazing!!

My first bag definitely has started to show me a benefit, as I hung it in my wash-room and it certainly has helped in absorbing the odor. It is completely odorless so doesn’t leave any scent but absorbs the odors well.

I plan to get one for my car too now as I know I breathe in a lot of bad stuff in there, and this just may help.


What I love is that it can be re-charged and if well taken care off, it can last upto 2 years!

So to ensure your family breathes better, you can easily get your Vayu Bag online on their site and on Amazon as well.

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Bye till next time!


22 thoughts on “Product Review: Breathefresh’s Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag Advanced

  1. I would say every household needs this awesome product to breathe in fresh air and ward off the polluted harmful one.


  2. This product for purifying air is great. Also I see that it can be placed at multiple places at home. So, I definitely want to get hold of one the product for my home.


  3. Given to the rising pollution level, air purifier seems to be a must have in every household. This particular brand looks quite good and effective.


  4. I think every household needs this airbag to prevent a lot of illnesses and respiratory problems.
    I have been using this for my room for quite sometime now.


  5. I have only tried air purifying machines but have not seen anything like this before. This is really intriguing and I would love to give this a try.

    Liked by 1 person

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