Product Review: Hey Pretty Face, Meet Sunscreen SPF 50++ Broad Spectrum Face Cream & No Girl Should Wear Shorts Without This Sunscreen Body Lotion

I have been a sucker for cute and quirky packaged products ever since I can remember. I have many a time picked up a product for the funky name, cute packaging or for just standing out in the crowd, ad yes often I have been disappointed.

I recently got some stuff from a brand raiding the market – Happily Unmarried! Isn’t the company name enough for me to purchase their products???

And considering that the summer is certainly making its presence felt, the sunscreens seemed like the best product to try first.

Something about the brand


An extremely funky name – Happily Unmarried, immediately catches your attention. And if not that, all the products have equally funky and quirky names along with bright, attractive and practical packaging.

Started back in 2003, this brand is the name behind the more commonly known men’s grooming products – Ustraa.

They have a wide range of products from face & body, skin care, sunscreen, fragrances and body mists. Each product has a quirky name with simple practical yet colorful packaging, so it immediately appeals to the eyes.

All their products are:

  • ☑ Free From harmful chemicals
  • ☒ No Sulphates
  • ☒ No Parabens

The Product & My Experience

With the scorching summers, a must have is a sunscreen and yes, just as our creams and lotions are different for our face and body, so should our sunscreens be.

HU has two sunscreens to be paired together for best results.

  • Hey Pretty Face, Meet Sunscreen SPF 50++ Broad Spectrum Face Cream
  • No Girl Should Wear Shorts Without This Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 30 with Vitamin D3

How creative are those names…? I give them a star just for the names!! Love it!


Hey Pretty Face, Meet Sunscreen SPF 50++ Broad Spectrum Face Cream

In a simple yet cute, white tube packaging with a bright orange flip top base, this is the ideal travel friendly facial sunscreen.



Very practical, in a simple white base tube with the bright quirky name printed on it, this facial cream is perfectly packaged. With all key information like key ingredients, directions to use and its benefits printed on the back, it is a very self-sufficient packaging.


cream ing

This sunscreen is a step ahead of the rest. Not only does it protect your delicate facial skin from the horrible UVA, UVB & UVC rays, but this additionally protects you from the harmful indoor infrared and High Energy Visible Light rays. It also provides protection from pollution.

With a mattifying formula, this seems to be a thick cream but spreads relatively easily and is absorbed in a few seconds. It doesn’t leave any residue or white cast and leaves a nice matt finish. Ideal to use under make up, this is light on the skin and doesn’t weigh you down. The one thing I didn’t really like though is the excessively strong perfumed fragrance of this cream, and it does linger on for a while.

Price: ₹499 for 100gm


  • No harmful chemicals
  • Complete Protection from UVA, UVB, UVC, HEVL, IR, Heavy Metals & Pollution


  • Excessively strong perfumed fragrance

Rating: 8/10


Except for the strong fragrance, I love this cream. Ideal for these summer months!!

Can order in yours here.

No Girl Should Wear Shorts Without This Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 30 with Vitamin D3


After taking care of our face, we need to take care of our much-neglected body. I tan extremely quickly and that causes a problem when I step out in something strappy or even short sleeves causing tan lines all over my body. My shorts leave tan lines across my legs and my arms and body look of a different color all together. Sunscreen has been a must for me, but usually they are heavy on the skin, leave a greasy finish or leave white marks on my clothes.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one in that area. Being a lotion and not a cream, it is quite runny and easy to spread across my hands and legs. They clearly call out on the tube the effects of 3 to 4 hours after which reapplication is required.


Again, in a similar white tube with the name upfront and details on the back, this sunscreen comes in a self-sufficient packaging too. Similar to the face cream, it has the bright orange flip top design.


 lotion ing

Since sunscreens tend to block out the Vitamin D3 from the sun along with the UVA, UVB & UVC rays, it is essential to avoid any deficiency, hence thoughtfully Chicory Root extract and Vitamin D3 has been added to the product to compensate. Now ain’t this already a step ahead of other sunscreens??

The Product

The fact that they compensate for the loss of D3 due to blockage of the sun’s rays by adding Chicory root and D3 has me in awe of this brand.

Extremely moisturizing this sunscreen serves as a body lotion too. Absorbs quickly and leaves a matt finish, this sunscreen is just as great as the facial cream. Again, the only downside has to be the strong fragrance.

Price: ₹450 for 100gm


  • No harmful chemicals
  • No residue or white cast left behind
  • Added chicory root and D3 to compensate for the benefits of blocked sun rays


  • Excessively strong perfumed fragrance

Rating: 8/10


Can order in yours here.


I was extremely impressed with the products from this brand and will soon have some more reviews up. I loved the fun, quirky attitude the brand brings, and I hope to see so much more from them.

*As a disclaimer, I recommend a patch test for any product as any product could react with certain skin types.

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16 thoughts on “Product Review: Hey Pretty Face, Meet Sunscreen SPF 50++ Broad Spectrum Face Cream & No Girl Should Wear Shorts Without This Sunscreen Body Lotion

  1. That is such a great post!! I am sucker for details when it comes to product reviews and this is just perfect. And the quirky names of the products got me like wish!! Hehe.


  2. This summer season definitely a good face screen and body lotion are good to have. Your review is great and definitely the brands seem to be very good. Will share the info with friends.


  3. Sunscreen is must in summer. I have heard a lot good reviews about this brand. Will give it a try


  4. The name by itself is so interesting. The performance is also great. I would be travelling soon and woyld sure pick these to take along.


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