Product Review: FairFax Hair Energizer

If you have been facing hair fall issues, then you gotta keep reading. Today’s review is on a completely herbal, made in Switzerland hair fall solution.

FairFax Hair Energizer


The Product & My Experience

FairFax Hair Energizer is a Swiss made 100% Herbal unique non-sticky solution for hair fall related issues. It is formulated, manufactured and made in Switzerland with herbs that are scientifically grown and extracted in Switzerland itself, ensuring the ingredients are of the best quality.

With a water like consistency, it easily dilutes in the water and can be easily applied. An alternative is to add it to your hair oil and let the goodness seep in along with the oil. I have tried both ways, but prefer the rinse out of convenience.



The product comes packaged in a tiny 5 ml bottle which lasts you quite a while as all you need is a few drops in the final rinse of your hair post shampooing.


A little disappointing that the product doesn’t have a complete list of ingredients but their facebook page and website has details. The main ingredients are called out on the packaging leaflet.

The listed ingredients on their website are –

  • Southern Wormwood – Also known as Lad’s Love. A potent herb known to Stimulate Hair Growth on the scalp & face.
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf – Nettles are Great for Hair: Reduce Inflammation, Neutralize Free Radicals, Act as DiHydro Testosterone (DHT) Blocker. Delays Male Pattern Baldness. Rich in Vitamins & Iron. Also consumed as Nettles Tea.
  • Pilocarpus Microphyllus – An effective Hair Tonic. Opens up clogged Pores & Follicles. Cleanses the Scalp, Reduces Hair Fall & makes Hair more manageable. A well-known Remedy for Treating Hair Loss
  • Sponge – A Cleanser for the Scalp. Reduces Fungal & Microbial Growth. Acts as an Anti-Bacterial agent. Reduces risk of infection in the scalp
  • Quinine Bark – Anti-Microbial & Curative. A well-known Tonic for hair. Strengthens Weak Hair & prevents Hair Breakage. Repairs damaged, weak, brittle hair. Anti-Oxidant acts against Free-Radicals. Stimulates Hair Follicles & keeps them Active.
  • Arnica – A commonly used potent herb for Hair-Care. Strengthens Hair Follicles & helps Control Hair Loss. Active molecules from Arnica bind to hair strands & Protect Hair against Damage. Adds Shine to hair.

All ingredients are grown in the Swiss Alps and formulated and packaged in a state of the art facility there.

☑ Certified Safe by Swiss Export Control

☑ 100% Natural

☑ Cruelty Free

☒ No Harmful Chemicals

☒ No Sulphates

☒ No Parabens

☒ No Preservatives

☒ No Heavy metals like lead, mercury or arsenic

My Experience


I have been using this for a while. Following the instructions, I have tried both ways of use, in water as a final rinse post a wash and in hair oil left overnight.

Of course, being the lazy person I am, I preferred the rinse option as that really doesn’t call for any effort. I have used this now for over a month, twice a week and I have honestly seen a difference in my hair. It looks thicker and the hairfall has reduced.

The fragrance is quite pleasant , more of a herbal / floral scent.

Having recently colored my hair, this really hasn’t impacted the color so people with colored hair need not worry about any effects.


With a completely herbal formulation, this promises to reduce hairfall and rejuvenate the hair and so far, happy with the results. It is a little pricey but with the various offers they have, (check out their facebook page – Link below) it proves to be worth the investment.

Price: ₹1,199 for 5ml which lasts you 2 months

Available on Amazon with a ₹300 off on your first bottle or their facebook page for various offers on multi packs.


  • All natural
  • non-oily
  • non-sticky
  • Herbal extracts formulation


  • Extremely pricey though they have good offers on their facebook page.

Rating: 8/10

Can order in yours on Amazon here or check out their facebook page here.

Their Website address:

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15 thoughts on “Product Review: FairFax Hair Energizer

  1. Good to know that after using for a month your hairfall reduced and they gave a fuller look. I need to try it out as I have lost a lot after attaining Motherhood!


  2. I have been having crazy crazy hairfall since I delivered. Blame the effects of postpartum . Would love to try something for it. Thanks for the review


  3. Post delivery of my son, regular use of hair colors and hair styling products, tools – all lead to hair fall and we should not forget Stress which is also a contributing factor! I would love to try this if it really works.


  4. I have not seen this brand before but the review sounds interesting. I would love to give this a try for my hairfall. Thanks for sharing x


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