Food Review: ASAP Granola Bars

Been a while since I did a food review, and that could be because of late I have been consciously avoiding too much outside food and trying to eat healthy. Whilst we know the healthiest food is natural fruits and vegetables, sometimes your body crave something more! That’s when healthy options like ASAP come into play!!

Something about the brand


They are as simple as they state to be… As Simple As Possible are Granola bars made from ingredients you know are great for you. A simple food and beverage company started off in Bangalore, India they realised the need for healthy yet convenient food items. Thus came the ASAP granola bar.

The Product & My Experience

As Simple As Possible – ASAP Granola bars are a simple solution to hunger. Keeping it real and healthy!!

Received a box of the assorted variant and that gave me an opportunity to try out all 3 of their flavours.

  • Almond & Dark Chocolate
  • Cashew, Almond & Caramel
  • Fruit & White Chocolate


No added colours and no chemical preservatives, these are the ideal solution to satisfy your hunger and your palate at the same time. I absolutely love all the variants, Almond and dark chocolate being my favourite.

They are a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, except for the Cashew, Almond and Caramel, that is a bit sweeter than the others.


Common ingredients across the three variants are Rolled Oats, Rice Crispies, Honey, Brown Sugar, Butter, Brown Sugar, liquid glucose. Milk powder and edible gum.



In a pack of 6, you can choose a single variant or a mixed box of all 3 flavours. They come neatly packaged in individual wrappers which makes it easy too travel with or pop in your pocket for a bite along the way.


My Review:

I have tried granola bars before and to be honest I was never to great a fan. A similar bar snack I have reviewed in the past and found it to be an okay snack. This changed my thoughts of Granola bars.

With each variant, the bar has a layer, on one side, of either chocolate or caramel. Yumm, it feels like you are eating a chocolate but has some extremely healthy ingredients too. You don’t feel like this is a compromise on a chocolate and the health benefits make it worth every bite.

Also love that they have considered a mixed variant box so one can taste and then decide to go with their favourite flavour. One of the flavours are sure to take your fancy.


  • Individually packaged single bars to make travel comfortable.
  • High protein, healthy on-the-go snack
  • Just the right amount of chocolate to quench any craving yet not over powering


  • Oats is a prominent flavour so any one who doesn’t like oats will need to skip these.

Price: ₹180 for a pack of 6 bars across or 3 variants or a mixed option

Rating: 8.5/10

I was most surprised at my daughter absolutely loving this. I would get her a granola bar over to a chocolate bar any day and this is the perfect mix of the two. She preferred the Cashew & Caramel variant, it being a bit sweeter than the others, but it’s still a healthy option so gonna stock up on these.

Can be bought at their website here.

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Spread the love…… Bye till next time!

15 thoughts on “Food Review: ASAP Granola Bars

  1. These are such a healthy yet quick snack. I love eating these specially on days when I have less time for breakfast. They are great for on the go kind of snack too x


  2. These healthy snack bars will be the perfect addition to my family’s bags. The ingredients are so healthy! I am super wary of unhealthy snacking options

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