Subscription Review: The Spring Kissed April FabBag

So sorry for being MIA since a while. Had a lot going on the personal front so just couldn’t manage the time. But am back and today with a review of my April Fab Bag which reached me on the 2nd of April.. I know, am super late

I gotta be honest here, I am kinda losing my faith in the Fab Bag as a subscription service. Every month we get one star product and the same was this month too, but now that is usually the only product worth getting the bag for. Read on and you will know why I say so…


Firstly, this month’s bag was not impressive at all. A floral printed clutch format bag, the quality seems to be extremely poor and the design extremely jarring! The cloth bag was of this cheap synthetic material and not at all like the usual good quality. So Fab bag if you have changed your supplier, I think you should change back!

Now for what was inside my bag:

This month the bag was extremely tiny, with 4 products of which one was of choice, as usual. These products were:

  • Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lipstick
  • Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen Mask
  • Nirvaana Handmade Pure Aloe Vera Gel
  • Bliscent Lip Scrub


Let’s talk about them one by one:

  1. Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lipstick – Bliss

As usual this month had a product choice, and again this month was lipstick! There was a choice amongst Manna Kadar’s Lip Locked Priming Lipstick shades. But no surprises there, that the shades available were only reds & pinks! I know these are the more common shades but honestly for those who ain’t fond of them, it doesn’t impress. I have been stocking up on red shades which I have to end up giving away, and when it is the star product, usually the rest of the bag just isn’t worth the cost!


I see now there is also a choice amongst the NELF foundations, but again a limited choice of shade, more like a stock clearance.


I choice the shade “Bliss” and I have to admit that it is quite a pretty shade, but somehow pinks just don’t suit me.

Price: ₹1799 for 3.5gm

  1. Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen Mask – Gold Eye Mask

A common feature in beauty subscriptions, the Mond’Sub Collagen mask is a favorite. I have not used this variant of the eye mask, as this is only for the undereyes, but am sure will do its job well.

These masks moisturize well and hydrate the skin.

Price: ₹200 for 2 undereye patches

  1. Nirvaana Handmade Pure Aloe Vera Gel – Orange

A small tub of Aloe Vera Gel, I understand there are two variants available depending on your skin type. I received the Orange variant, which is meant for oily skin. It is perfect coz in summers I do need something to control the oil and I have been using aloe vera gel. A lesser known brand, this would be a good addition as a bonus product.


Price: ₹50 for a small tub.

  1. Bliscent Lip Scrub

The fourth product in the bag, I have used this before and it is quite a good quality product. Bliscent is an amazing brand and the product definitely is good. It is a fine sugar scrub with additives of essential oils and flavourings.

Price: ₹200 for 10gms

Last month too the products were not too appreciated except for the star product. And you get the product choice on a long-term subscription only. Considering the value of the other products, with the exception of the star product, nothing stands out. If you are ok with any shade of a Manna Kadar lipstick, only then would I recommend you subscribe this month. The product numbers and value of products were all disappointing, with the exception of the star product.


Was certainly not happy with this months bag, especially since that lipstick won’t be used by me!

Fab Bag, please step up your game… the competition is getting tougher and I can definitely find better options in the market for an even lesser price point now.

Let me know if you want a review on any specific product, and I will be happy to oblige.

If interested, you can book your fabbag at the below link:

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19 thoughts on “Subscription Review: The Spring Kissed April FabBag

  1. Even i found the contents pretty average. They should really think different now. We have better options in lesser price


  2. Mondsub I have used earlier. But fab bag has good design printed on it which goes well with spring and summer. Lip scrub is 200? Its so cheap!! I am going to buy it 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing the bold and honest review for this month’s Fab bag. I have heard really good things about this subscription service, I hope they bring in few improvements and product choices.


  4. I would definitely like to use the gold eye mask. And that’s the only product that caught my sight! Happy to read such an honest review btw.


  5. Besides mondscrub I also think this month’s bag seems lacklustre. I have not tried Manna K lipsticks. Yes agree nudes and browns are more commonly worn lipsticks


  6. That Gold eye masks look interesting. I have also received shade Bliss from Manna K Cosmetics twice via another subscription and had same issues of this pink not working so well with my skintone.


  7. These products look really good. I have also tried Manna K lipsticks and the formula is so good and I would love if Fab Bag starts sending products/shades customised to their followers skin tone and types. If I had to start a subscription company, I would ask my customers to fill details about their skin, hair type & concerns as well as some details about complexion and any preferences. This way right products can be handpicked for the users and all customers will get more value for the money.

    IG: @ms_tantrum


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