Product Review: Seer Secrets Sedative Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanser

Sometimes a brand just makes you fall in love and appreciate all the goodness nature has to offer. Seer Secrets is one such brand. They made me fall love with their Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Body Cleanser & Deo Cream, and while I am on my second tub of the deo cream, I decided to try out another variant of their body cleanser…. And absolutely love this too!!

Something about the brand


Seer Secrets are all about natural ingredients and extracting the best that nature has to offer. Read more about them on my previous review on their Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Body Wash & Deo Cream here.

The Products & My Experience

Seer Secrets Sedative Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanser


Since I have used and loved the Seer Secrets Formulation before, I kinda knew what to expect but this is so much more. I absolutely love the rich fragrance of jasmine. Somehow for me Jasmine has never been a preferred fragrance but this body cleanser has made me fall in love with it. It is subtle yet lingers on and gives a pleasant floral scent which isn’t too overbearing. The fragrance is extremely relaxing and I later found out that jasmine fragrance has sedative properties, hence causing a calming reaction. The combination with orange is amazing as the orange has a simulating and refreshing fragrance and the jasmine is calming and sedative, together they are magic!!


Coconut Derivative Base, Aqua, Jasmine Oil, Orange Oil, Yoghurt Extracts, Amla & Reetha Extracts, Lactic Acid.



Like the other Seer Secrets products, this beautiful convenient pump bottle comes packaged in a beautiful tin which I reuse for so many things. A beautiful storage container!

My Experience:

This body cleanser is great on the skin. All you need is a little on the loofah, and the entire bathroom has a relaxing yet refreshing fragrance. It lathers well too making it a perfect bathing experience.

I love this one as the fragrance remains as a subtle after scent on the skin and keeps you relaxed. The skin remains hydrated and doesn’t dry out.

You have to try this to believe it, and I truly recommend you to get your hands on a bottle of this!



  • Natural ingredients
  • Refreshing and relaxing fragrance


  • Honestly none except maybe the price being a little steep for the quantity

Price: ₹594 for 250 ml

Rating: 9.8/10

*As a disclaimer, I do still recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

You can buy it online on various websites including Amazon:

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18 thoughts on “Product Review: Seer Secrets Sedative Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanser

  1. The review product seem to be done very well. N the product itself seems to have great ingredients. Will definitely share the same with friends. Which other cleansers would you actually compare the most ?


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