Product Review: Amara Organix Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Facial Scrub/Mask

Today’s Review is from a lesser known brand, but quality-wise no less, I assure you. A brand owned and managed by Meher Farhana.

Something about the brand


Amara Organix are based in Chennai and are creators of Bath & Body products curated by blending herbal and apothecary ingredients and handcrafted in small batches. Their products are free from sulphates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals and they believe in quality over quantity. They sell all over India through Instagram and have a Facebook page too.

The Product & My Experience

Amara Organix Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Facial Scrub/Mask


I received this product in the mail for me to review, along with their Calamine & Rosehip Handmade Soap. I have to say I didn’t have too high expectations from this when I first saw it as it seemed simple and more like a small start-up, but I was pleasantly surprised.



The packaging seemed extremely local with the soap in a cling film packed in a brown-paper wrapper & the Face Scrub in a simple flip-top bottle with no extravagant label design. Just simple ingredients mentioned. Though it did appeal to have a rustic / traditional look, it didn’t build any high expectations with the packaging.


There wasn’t a complete list of ingredients mentioned on the face scrub just that it was enriched with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, Himalayan pink salt, activated charcoal, tea tree oil & basil essential oil.


I was first surprised when I opened that flip top cover. It had the most amazing fragrance of tea tree & I guess, basil. Not too strong yet extremely refreshing. The product is quite runny for a scrub, let alone a mask. It has tiny particles of activated charcoal creating a light abrasive effect and has a cooling effect on the skin. You need a little bit to apply over the face and I would suggest lightly scrubbing for a while as the cooling effect takes a few seconds to be felt. Best left on to do its magic for abit and then washed off. It washes off easily and doesn’t leave the skin too dry though it feels thoroughly cleansed. I am extremely impressed with this face scrub/mask as it is extremely light on the skin and yet extremely effective. Does a great job in calming acne and clearing the bacteria to avoid break-outs. Would definitely suit oily skin.


  • Enriched with natural extracts
  • Paraben & SLS free
  • Gentle on the skin


  • Packaging is not appealing, yet quite convenient.
  • Lacks any branding
  • Seems to be an Incomplete ingredient list
  • No price or quantity on packaging label

Rating: 8/10 for the product quality being amazing

Available to place orders & enquires only on Whatsapp – +91 8056592923

*As a disclaimer, I recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

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Bye till next time!

9 thoughts on “Product Review: Amara Organix Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Facial Scrub/Mask

  1. I have mixed thoughts if I see the packaging as it lacks branding. As a beauty blogger, I may not want to use a product without ingredients list. However, after reading your thoughts I would like to give it a go. May be brand will repackage the product soon.


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  2. This scrub mask sounds like a multi purpose product. Wish packaging was a bit better with more product information.
    Thanks for the detailed review.



  3. The ingredients of this facial scrub mask seems to be very good. Good to see experiments being done with varied ingredients to enhance the face after applying the mask.


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