Product Review: mamaearth After Bite Roll on

Some people automatically tend to draw insects like mosquitoes towards them, (it is said that they have sweet blood) and me & my daughter are such people.

If in a crowd, I will usually be the first to start getting the mosquito bites and start itching all over. My daughter is one step ahead as the itching leads to swelling too. Finally I have a remedy, if not a solution – mamaearth After Bite Roll on


Something about the brand

mamaearth – A brand by a parent, for the parent.

Read more about them on my previous reviews:

The Product & My Experience

In the last two posts we saw one for the mommies and one for the kids, so today had to be for them both!

mamaearth After Bite Roll on


As we all know prevention is better than cure, but come on and let’s be honest, there is no repellent good enough to keep 100% mosquitoes away. At least nothing I have used till date.

And when you are a natural magnet for mosquitoes, it’s more difficult to avoid.

Like me, when i was a kid, my daughter is also allergic to insect bites and ends ups itching it till a huge blister is formed. I have been struggling with the various cooling lotions as a solution but as the cooling sensation died down she would be back to her itching.

I too usually suffer from very painful / itchy mosquito bites.

Then to the rescue comes mamaearth!


Below is an excerpt from their website with details on ingredients of this amazing oil blend.

ingredients 3


An extremely travel friendly sized bottle with a roller for easy application, makes this packaging simply amazing.


My Experience:

I so needed something like this in my life and believe me, I can’t imagine not having this around now. I have been using this since the past couple of weeks and it is miraculous.

My daughter suffers the most with bites because of allergies, but the allergic reaction is more to the itching than the actual bite. So as much as I try, she still gets the occasional bite…either at home or when she goes down to play. But things have got simpler now.

She gets a bite and now immediately reaches out for this tiny magical roll on. A couple of swipes of this and in a couple of seconds the itching dies down.

It is extremely light on the skin, a light oil which absorbs into the skin in a few mins.

The itching reduces in a few seconds and the swelling/bump subsides soon thereafter.


  • Enriched with natural extracts
  • Paraben, SLS & Alcohol free
  • Free of DEET
  • Mineral oil free
  • Extremely effective


  • None – an essential for kids especially in India where insect bites are inevitable.

Price: ₹249 for 40 ml

Rating: 10/10

This has been an amazing solution for me and my daughter and now everyone in the house uses it when required. It works on all sorts of insect bites. Definitely going to stock up on this one.

*As a disclaimer, I recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

You can buy it at:

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Bye till next time!


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12 thoughts on “Product Review: mamaearth After Bite Roll on

  1. Another awesome product. I guess Mammaearth is the goto place for any skin & healthcare product. Hope they get into Bangalore market as well and become popular.


  2. MamaEarth products are like savior when it comes to child care. I love the products and trust them fully. You have reviewed this one really well. #AlexaTheIncredible #womenbloggerwb


  3. This looks really good! I have been hearing good things about the brand and have to buy some of their products when I come to India this week.



  4. I love mama earth products… The name made me feel like its a brand for moms only, but their products are really good, for babies and mom. I am saying this with confidence because i gifted these for one of my close friend and she always picks up #mamaearth products only


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