Product Review: Aura Vedic Restructuring Hair Oil

As a follow up to my last post, today I bring you a review of the second product I received from Aura Vedic. This time different from what I have tried and loved in the past, I didn’t receive skin care, but hair care instead!

Something about the brand

You need to just check out the links below to get details on this amazing brand that has not disappointed me to date!!


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The Product & My Experience

As I mentioned, this is my first hair care product from Aura Vedic.

Again, a problem area for me, I have been facing some serious hair fall issues in the recent past. My hair had got quite dry and frizzy and easily breakable, so I was extremely excited to try the Restructuring Hair Oil from Aura Vedic. This is a brand I truly trust when it comes to oils, though in the past it was facial oils I raved about, but still just proves the purity in the oil blends used.


This is a mix of pure extracts of Bhringraj, Bhrami & Amla, all ingredients known to be highly beneficial for the hair. This concoction claims to strengthen hair roots and reduce hairfall.

I have been using this twice a week now for a month and I must say I am impressed. Whilst I think it still think it is early to comment, I personally feel after using this oil my hair does feel stronger and thicker. I still have hairfall but it seems to have reduced considerably. I love applying this thick, vicious, reddish oil to my scalp and along the lengths of my hair and leave it in overnight. In the morning a nice wash with my favorite shampoo and I am done. Because the hair feels so nourished, I sometimes skip conditioner and just go with a light leave-in serum.

I personally feel that this mix of ingredients is a true savior for damaged hair and can see my hair looking healthier.




Bhringraj – Bhringraj is known to be amazing for the hair. It is said to rejuvenate and slow down the ageing process. It is also beneficial in treatment of dry scalp hence treating dandruff. It gets absorbed in the scalp and helps in blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth. It helps avoid premature greying and since it is so nourishing it provides a beautiful shine to the hair.

Brahmi – Brahmi is known to be a hair growth promoter. Its regenerative properties help to repair the hair follicles and strengthen the scalp thereby encouraging healthy hair growth. It also helps in blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn nourishes hair follicles and reduces hair loss.

Amla – Amla is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols. It also contains a variety of minerals & vitamins that help in the regeneration of the scalp, promoting hair growth and help in treating dry and itchy scalp and dandruff.


I think this is the one standard area of disappointment when it comes to Aura Vedic products. The oil comes in a 100ml plastic bottle with a twist on screw. Now while they thoughtfully included an internal seal to the bottle, this is very hard to pour out. If you remove the seal, you are sure to drop whilst pouring. The other option would be to pierce the seal and use as a dropper, but the bottle I received, didn’t have that tight a seal so would surely spill if I tried to use that way. I find it best to pour out a little in a small glass bowl, warm it up a bit and then apply with a nice massage just before bed. By morning your hair feels awesome!!


  • The most amazing blend of oils, proven to be beneficial for hair growth.
  • Deeply nourishes, making the hair feel healthy and nourished even post wash
  • Considering the ingredients, this surely will help with hairfall but may take while to show visible results.


  • Once again packaging is the only downside and would have loved an easier dispensing option.

Price: ₹250 for 100ml

Rating: 8.5/10

It is a little thicker than the usual coconut oils, so some may find it a bit sticky, so recommended for overnight use or just for a few hours prior to a hair wash.


*As a disclaimer, I do still recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

You can buy it online at Amazon or their website:

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25 thoughts on “Product Review: Aura Vedic Restructuring Hair Oil

  1. I’m really impressed with the ingredients and the fact that it’s free from SLS, Parabens and other harmful chemicals. I’m coming to India in 3 weeks and I will have to try this oil then. Thanks for sharing.

    Instagram | @ms_tantrum


  2. Thanks for sharing your review. I’ve been looking for a product to taking care of my hair and to manage my hair fall. and it seems this Aura Vedia looks perfect. Will check this out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly feel it has reduced my hairfall.. and there is less breakage.. love the feel, i don’t need a conditioner post shampooing as the hair is well nourished.. a light leave-in serum is sufficient.


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