Product Review: Aura Vedic Ritual Skin Lightening Mask

If you are following me on Instagram, (if not, you should!!! ,you would have seen a post over a month ago announcing the receipt of Aura Vedic’s Ritual Skin Lightening Mask, and that’s what today’s post is about.

Now I have gotta clarify here, that I ain’t up for “skin lightening” and to be honest, I think this range has just been named a little deceitfully, because they don’t really lighten the skin but help removal of dark spots and pigmentation, bringing a glow to your skin!! Which I think is a better result!!

Something about the brand


Aura Vedic is a brand that has never failed to impress me. Their products are created with 100% natural plant extracts, are completely paraben free and use no harmful chemicals and they deliver great results.

Check the links below for more details on them and my prior reviews on their other products:

The Product & My Experience

So, here is my review on another product of theirs that has just amazed me with great results.


As part of my daily routine, I continue to use their facial oils; either from the skin lightening range or the kumkumadi oil. I also use their pure lightening skin polish, but honestly not too often as avoid too much scrubbing of late.

Due some crazy harmonal imbalance, I got some crazy break outs all over my cheeks, and though I visited a dermat and that has now settled down, the scars still remain… I know!!!

The facial oils have always helped and though I knew it is just a matter of time that the scars clear out, I was excited to use this mask and see results.

And results are what I got!!!

This is a power packed natural face mask with the goodness of natural ingredients like sandalwood, saffron, neem, tulsi, papaya, turmeric, etc. and is light enough to be used daily. TBH, I didn’t use it daily, cause being the working mom, I don’t ever have the time, but I did use it often over the last few weeks and… the results were amazing.

I could literally see the scars fading away with every use!! Whilst it still hasn’t gone completely, they have really faded and my skin is feeling great.


The mask has a nice refreshing effect, and I love using it in the morning cause that glow lasts the entire day. It is a thick yellowish paste and I apply it with a brush after scooping it out in a bowl, cause the tub packaging is a little difficult to maintain that level of hygiene. You just need a thin layer and I layer it up over the scarred area. It takes around 15 mins to dry out and easily washes off with water. The skin feels fresh and hydrated post wash and has a nice glow.


I honestly ain’t someone who uses make up daily so it’s important my skin looks nice and clear. Believe me, this mask is something you have to get if you are the same!

And who doesn’t want flawless skin right!!!




As my review on most of their products, this is again the con to it. Though it comes in a nice screw-top jar with an inner seal, it is important one uses a brush or spatula to scoop out & use, else it can contaminate the product.


  • Amazing natural ingredients that ensure results are delivered
  • Light enough to be used daily
  • Hydrating on the skin


  • Packaging is the only downside, perhaps a tube packaging would be better

Price: ₹400 for 100 gm


Rating: 9.5/10

I think a combo of this range is sure to deliver amazing results and that’s what I am following now.

*As a disclaimer, I do still recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

You can buy it online at Amazon or their website:

Stay tuned for a review on their Restructuring Hair Oil.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, and check out my other social media. Bye till next time!

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8 thoughts on “Product Review: Aura Vedic Ritual Skin Lightening Mask

  1. Hearing the brand for the first time. But, your review makes me trust them. I hardly use anything on my face. However, do tell me if this mask would help to lighten my dark circles, which unfortunately have become permanent owing to my thyroid 😦


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