Subscription Review: The SugarBox Unicorn Edition – Curated by Nishka Lulla

This one is so over-due, I had to sit and pen this down.

My apologies for posting this one so super late, but better late than never. While I had got this for my daughter for Christmas, I thought I should give you a review now as you can choose to pick this to be that perfect valentine gift!!

The SugarBox is a theme based box, so every time a new box is launched it is based on a theme or curated by someone special. This time the special person is the so famous designer Nishka Lulla.

Before everything else, can we just step back and appreciate how pretty this box is!!


It is, by itself, a beautiful gift am sure many would love to get.

True to the name, this Unicorn Edition SugarBox is stuffed with the magic of Unicorns!!

What was in my box:

  • Unicorn Marque Light
  • Unicorn Plush Slippers
  • Unicorn Earphones
  • Unicorn hair clip
  • Handmade rainbow soap
  • ‘Unicorn Off duty ‘ glitter utility pouch with tassel (silver / pink /blue /gold)
  • Unicorn pom pom bag charm (purple/pink)
  • Candy cone rainbow seeds

Wow, that’s a lot ain’t it!! And that is why this box is so perfect!!


Let’s run through the products:

  1. Unicorn Marque Light


This beautiful light can be used a night lamp for kids, that’s what my daughter does. It isn’t too bright a light but a subtle light to keep those monsters away. Runs on batteries, this is a beautiful addition to any vanity or bedside table.

Price: ₹1050

  1. Unicorn Plush Slippers


These are uber comfortable!! The softest slippers you can ever find, these are also the cutest. Something one would love to plop around the house in, these do tend to get dirty quite easily, being white, but can be easily washed.

Price: ₹1450

  1. Unicorn Earphones


I gottaa admit, I use this more than my daughter does. A good quality headset with the cutest unicorn icons behind the earbuds. These take cuteness to a whole new level!!

Price: ₹699

  1. Unicorn hair clip


When I first saw this I wasn’t too convinced, but my daughter put it on and I fell in love. It neatly fastened back her hair while looking so pretty and classy. Nothing over the top, just perfect!!

Price: ₹250

  1. Handmade rainbow soap


Was very impressed with the quality of this soap. This wasn’t labelled by any brand so honestly didn’t think it would be too great but boy, was I wrong. This soap smells fruity and is amazing on the skin. Doesn’t dry up the skin and doesn’t melt out in a few days! It is amazingly hydrating on the skin and lasts super long on a drip soap dish.

Price: ₹250

  1. ‘Unicorn Off duty ‘ glitter utility pouch with tassel (silver / pink /blue /gold)


This one is being lugged about everywhere. I think this is most often used! A beautiful pouch, it is perfect for my daughter to pack in her numerous knick knacks that she lugs around wherever we go. It is so pretty that I can’t even refuse!!

Price: ₹750

  1. Unicorn pom pom bag charm (purple/pink)


This key ring is too cute!! My daughter was caught playing with this in school when she sneaked it there to show her friends, and the teacher even complimented on how cute it is!!

Price: ₹450

  1. Candy cone rainbow seeds


This was the only disappointment in the box, the rainbow seed were not even gems, they were just sugar candies which really didn’t taste too good. The pouch also had 3 marshmallows in which were really nice, soft and tasty.

Price: ₹200

Considering the Total Value of the box to be ₹5099, when you buy it at ₹1999, it is a steal. You save ₹3200!! Ok I gotta be honest, I think the pricing is too hyped for most products, but it definitely is still a save and makes for the bestest gift you could ask for!!

So, get yours today before it goes outta stock.

Let me know if you want a detailed review on any specific product, and I will be happy to oblige.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, and check out my other social media, links below. Bye till next time!

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25 thoughts on “Subscription Review: The SugarBox Unicorn Edition – Curated by Nishka Lulla

  1. This is such a cute post. Unicorns are every little girl’s favourite and this box seems like a fabulous gifting idea. The slippers are the cutest :). Thank you for bringing this post to us. Keep writing :).


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