Product Review: Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Detoxifying Mineral Pack

After using the Aromatic Skin Toner from Aroma Magic, the next step in the pack they sent is their amazing detoxifying mineral pack.

Something about the brand


Started by Dr. Blossom Kochhar in need of a natural skin care brand one can trust, you can read more about this amazing brand on my previous post, link below:

The Product & My Experience

After cleanser and a bit of toning, it’s time we pamper the skin with a detoxifying mineral pack.


Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Detoxifying Mineral Pack – deep cleans & purifies

Though this is a twice-a-week step in the skin care ritual, it makes such a difference to your skin. And this one works like magic.


In a 100gm tube packaging, the packaging is ideal to avoid any contamination. Generally, face packs come in the typical screw top jars, which require you to either scoop out the required quantity and use another vessel or risk contaminating the entire jar. With this one in a tube form, it is super easy to squeeze out as much as you need and easily apply with either your fingers or brush, without risking the entire contents.


20171226_202057 - Copy


₹395 for 100gm

My Experience:


This mud/clay based pack is perfect for normal to oily skin, or combination skin and with the ingredients itself I was super excited. A pale yellowish coloured creamy paste, this mask is extremely easy to apply. It spreads easily and can be applied with a applicator brush or even with your fingers. It takes just a short while to dry out and it’s best applied to slightly dampened skin. Once dry, it doesn’t really stretch out the skin, so that’s a plus point, and can be easily washed off with water. It deep cleanses the skin thereby brightening the face and it also helps lighten tan. The mud content in it has an immediate drying and calming effect on any acne and removes any excess oil on the skin. Avoid applying it too close to the eyes as the undereye is where I felt it can be extremely drying out. It is imperative to apply some moisturizer after use as the skin feels dry and needs some additional hydration.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Enriched with essential oils
  • Free of alcohol, parabens, petrochemicals, phathalates, artificial fragrances & colour
  • Brightens and deep cleans the skin
  • Packaging ideal to avoid contamination


  • Extremely drying on the skin
  • Needs immediate moisturization post use as the skin feels dehydrated

Rating: 8/10

You can buy it online at

Again, I still recommend a patch test before use as even natural ingredients can react differently on different people.

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