Subscription Review: January 2018 The Blush Boxx

My Blush Boxx is here and I am finally getting the review up in time. And what better way to start the year than review a box that has been impressing me since the last couple of months.

Packaged it its standard pink and blue designed box, the package reached me in perfect condition.

What was in my box

  • InstaGlam Glowing Goddess Makeup Primer
  • Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel
  • Nelf Powder Matte Lipstick
  • Humble Bee Salt Scrub Coffee
  • Mond’Sub Deep Brightening & Whitening Beauty Facial Mask

Surprisingly, this month my box didn’t have any info card not the usual envelop with product details, and I honestly feel like it must have been a miss in my box, an error. But lets go through the products:

  1. InstaGlam Glowing Goddess Makeup Primer


I have been loving InstaGlam. Using their lip serum since a few weeks and am in love!! This month received their Glowing Goddess Makeup Primer. I personally rarely use a lot of makeup but I d occasionally like doing up my eyes and need to use a little makeup to cover the horrendous dark circles. I was super excited that I finally have something I can trust to put as a layer between the makeup and my skin. This all natural, clear makeup primer creates the perfect base to put on my make up. Enriched with the goodness of AloeVera and natural oils like Argan, Rosehip & Jojoba, this primer smooths out the skin and creates a barrier between the makeup and your skin. It simultaneously nourishes and replenishes the skin from within.


Since I was missing the information leaflet, I had to research the prices, so please forgive if you see a different price for the products.

Price: ₹500 for 15ml

  1. Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel


Have loved them before and still do. This time received a beautiful black, shimmery, metallic shade called 02 Rough & Ready. Love it! It is the perfect edgy yet classy shade with a shimmery textured finish. Bella Voste nail enamels are 5 Toxic Free and dry out super quickly, that’s what I love most about them as I always end up smudging my nail paints after a while (have just that much patience to sit still).

Price: ₹249 for 9ml

  1. Nelf Powder Matte Lipstick


This one was personalized. Me being my forgetful self, had seen the mail for a shade choice and thought I would complete my choice once home after work, and it slipped my mind. Luckily I got a beautiful shade which I most likely would have picked. I received PM06 (Eurydice) which is a dark brick red and though I don’t use too many reds, from all the colour choices I guess this one was my most likely pick. The only drawback is the packaging that seems extremely flimsy and of poor quality.

Price: ₹360 for 3.8gm

  1. Humble Bee Salt Scrub Coffee


This one smells heavenly. I personally am a tea drinker but do love my cold coffee! The fragrance of this amazing salt scrub is just that. A beautiful rich mug of cold coffee. Enriched with Vitamin E, Jojoba and Almond oils, this scrub sloughs away the dead skin and moisturizes the skin simultaneously. It has such an amazing fragrance of coffee, I can sniff it all day. Being a salt scrub, this isn’t overly abrasive and leaves the skin feeling deeply cleansed and fresh.

Price: ₹599 for 100gm

  1. Mond’Sub Deep Brightening & Whitening Beauty Facial Mask

Have always loved Mond’Sub Masks and have already used this variant, but was happy to receive it as I really did like this one. I know it has gotten a little common amongst the subscription boxes, but no one complains about receiving a good product. I don’t promote whitening products, but love those that brighten my skin by ample hydration, and that is exactly what this one does. It hydrates your skin and brightens it up, so you are left with a glowing dewy look.

Price: ₹250 per mask.


A beautiful way to commence the New Year, every product in the box is impressive. The lipstick, though the packaging isn’t of great quality, seems to have a good formulation and the primer is definitely the best of the lot. For such an affordable subscription service, The Blush box is definitely giving the others a run for their money!

The blush box is available @ ₹399 for a month or if you take a longer subscription, the price is even lower.

You can book yours at the below link:

Let me know if you want a review on any specific product, and I will be happy to oblige.

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