Product Review: mamaearth Natural Lip Balms & C3 Mask

Being a mom, I often have to be extra careful with the ingredients in skin care products, especially those which I know my daughter will have her eyes on. My daughter is 8, so big enough to have keen interest in skincare and makeup, especially when her mom is such an enthusiast.

I let her indulge in a few products like moisturizers and lip balms, but am extra careful on letting her use brands that are natural and safe for her skin, and believe me, they are far and few!

I was super excited when I came across mamaearth, cause they are one such brand. It is so nice that some brands do keep in mind the mother and the kid.

Something about the brand


Being a parent is hard and only a parent really understands that. That’s why mamaearth understands, it was created through the real life struggles of parents themselves. This brand is extra conscious of the ingredients that go into every product, because they are aware that every mummy and baby product could have an impact, and so it’s important that these products delivery true benefits only, without the harmful chemicals, preservatives and toxins.

Started up by parents who realised that most baby products out there are still not up to the mark in terms of safe ingredients, mamaearth’s products are Toxin free, Paraben free, Mineral oil free, SLS free and phthalates free.

They are developed from world class research, with the choicest of ingredients to ensure the best product reaches you.


The Product & My experience

Received two products from mamaearth which came nicely packaged in a mamaearth cardboard box.

  • mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa & Baby
  • mamaearth C3 Face Mask

mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa & Baby


More than me, my daughter was excited about this one. She loves using lip balms and this was ideal as she would have one created just for her.

This cutely packaged lipbalm set is something you would love to carry around. Extremely cute with the outer packaging of the cure three penguins, it is perfect for the winter months. The three variants included are:

  • Coconut & Cocoa for Papa
  • Coconut & Strawberry for Mama
  • Coconut & Calendula for Babies



The typical roll up, bullet form lip-balm, they are white with different colours to indicate for whom the lip balm is for. Blue for papa, pink for mom and green for baby.



The lip balms all have a coconut oil & cocoa butter base. They also contain natural ingredients like, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, castor oil, shea butter, calendula extracts & orange essential oil depending on the variant.


₹299 for 3 4gm bullets.

My Experience:


Lip balms have always been a necessity for me, and in winter I need to carry one 24/7. Have been using this since the past few weeks and honestly can’t complain.

I gotta be honest, it is quite an average lip balm, but of course the fact that it is completely natural makes it special. The flavour is extremely subtle and being a colorless balm, you can hardly distinguish between the three. The fragrance is more of coconut oil but it moisturize well, with no greasiness.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Paraffin wax free
  • Silicones free
  • Dyes free
  • Mineral oil free


  • Very faint flavouring and fragrance so fades off soon.
  • The baby one melted out so quickly when my daughter took it out for a day.

Rating: 7.5/10

You can buy it online at

mamaearth C3 Face Mask for Mama


C3 stands for Charcoal, Coffee and Clay Mask. This mask is targeted at getting your glowing skin back. It also claims to reduce pigmentation of the skin, thereby giving you flawless skin. Charcoal helps with acne, Coffee stimulates the blood flow and removes toxins thereby smoothing away blemishes. Papaya, Mulberry & other fruit extracts improve skin elasticity and minimize the appearance of pores.

The fragrance is amazing of spices and herbs, and it feels super natural. Cooling on the skin, it calms down any existing acne and skin irritation, and the clay cleanses the pores. It works as a mask & scrub as the instructions say to exfoliate the skin when removing it, so it does deep cleanse and leaves the skin nourished and smooth.


Comes in a tub with a screw-top cap and spill proof seal.





₹599 for 100 ml

My Experience:

It is amazing on the skin. With a variety of essential oils including peppermint, this mask is super cooling on the skin. It is extremely thick in consistency, so best applied with a wet brush. It dries out quite quickly and it is advised to put a thick layer and rub it off first once dry to give an exfoliating effect. It literally dries out acne in a single use, and if not dried out, it definitely calms it down minimizes the appearance to half. It is amazing on those pesky painful pimples, because it completely minimizes it so there is no more pain.

Absolutely love this mask as the skin doesn’t feel too dry post use, yet it keeps the oil at bay.


  • Amazing fragrance
  • Great for acne treatment
  • Deep cleanses the pores


  • Strong fragrance, and though I love it, many may find it too strong.

Absolutely love this mask and it is really doing wonders for my skin. I have been suffering from some harmonal break outs  and this really helps calm it down and makes the redness disappear.

Rating: 9.5/10

You can buy it online at


I would highly recommend a patch test before using any of these products as even natural ingredients can react differently on different people.

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