Subscription Review: The Blush Boxx

I know it’s the last day of the month, but I had to put up this review of a new subscription box in the market and I know it’s late but you still got the day to order yours if you like what you see.

The Blush boxx is a new entrant into the affordable beauty subscription box market. Of late we have seen a huge number of subscription services flooding the market, all claiming to be affordable or luxurious and few live up to their claims. I saw a few introductory reviews of the box and decided to try out their first box. Let see how it fared.


The begin with, the box! The Dazzling Diva Blush Boxx edition is a bright blue & pink box with outlines of cosmetics all over and the name “the Blush Boxx” printed on top. It’s a simple cardboard box and not really reusable, though sturdy enough to protect the products. The box reached me earlier in the month and in good condition, with the products intact inside. So, a plus point for them for great logistics and packaging.

What was in my box:

A total of 7 products, and it was wonderful to get that much based on the price point. All came neatly plastic wrapped with no leakage or spillage. Along with it was one slip of paper with details of the products listed. I also received a small note, notifying me that one product, the myoho face wash, had receive complaints so they replaced it with another product if higher value.


The Blush boxx also promises vegan & cruelty free products so that’s another plus to them.

The products received:

  • A.L. Beauty Blender
  • Kajal – Random
  • Body or facial product upto ₹450
  • Bio Bloom Lip balm
  • Bio Bloom Foot Cream
  • Fuschia Mud Mask
  • Fuschia Sample (random)


Let’s go through them each:

  1. C.A.L. Beauty Blender


A regular looking beauty blender, it is extremely good, soft & squishy. I received mine in pink, though I ain’t sure if there are other colors. Neatly packaged in a plastic case, this beauty blender certainly looks promising.

Price: ₹549 per piece

  1. Kajal

I received one from Half N Half from their glimmer stick collection in the black variant. While I would have certainly loved to have received a coloured pencil, this black one would be my new everyday kajal once my existing one is over. Was glad to have received this as a kajal is always a staple for my bag.

Price: upto ₹100 per piece not sure how much this one would cost.

  1. Body or facial product upto ₹450

I received an alternate product than what most people who pre-booked showcased. They were previously sending the Myoho Charcoal face wash, which honestly I was looking forward to. But, apparently they received some complaints, so decided to replace it with a Fuschia Body Moisturizer instead. Again, a brand I have always loved and enjoyed I wasn’t too disappointed. I receive the Orange & Avocado Balancing Intense Moisturizer. Quite a thick heavy consistency this will be helpful in the drying winter months.

Price: ₹450 for 100ml

  1. Bio Bloom Lip Balm

I already have this one and it is amazing. I love these cool minty flavoured lip balms that leave that refreshing cooling effect on the lips while healing them at the same time. It’s absolutely perfect for the winter months, cause though it doesn’t get too cool in Mumbai the skin definitely gets drier and so do the lips.

Price: ₹115 for 8gm

  1. Bio Bloom Foot Cream

This one too is a favourite with me and I use it every night before bed. It’s this miraculous foot cream that heals cracked heels, provides a nice cooling sensation and leaves behind a nice eucalyptus fragrance which liners on the feet preventing any odour build up. Free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals, this baby is a regular in my routine.

Price: ₹349 for 50gm

  1. Fuschia Dare 2 Bare Mud Mask

This is the one slightly differently packaged Fuschia mask. It comes in a powdered form in a small bottle. A simple wash off mask, it looks promising from the ingredients as it contains Cocoa, Oatmeal, Kaolin, Indian Bentonite, Chocolate & Frankincense essential oil.

Price: ₹150 for 15gm

  1. Fuschia Sample (random)


I received the Detox Activated Charcoal Face Mask Sample, which is again a regular with me. Use this often and have stock of it, so this just added to the inventory. It’s cleansing properties are evident even with a single use so was glad to receive it.

Price: ₹75 for 15gm


Overall the box is a good curation, with each product bringing value, just think there was an overkill of Fuschia products. As it is, every subscription box now has their products, so would be nice to see more alternative brands. The bio bloom products were a good addition. Was certainly happy with the focus on skincare and just a small addition on the cosmetics front. Overall a box definitely worth its value and the longer the subscription plan the better the price.

Price: ₹379 with free shipping.

You can book yours at the below link:


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