Subscription Box Review: My Envy Box October Anniversary Edition

I know it’s late for an October box review but since I got a few requests to still post a review, here it is.

A little late but finally the My Envy October Beauty Box Anniversary Edition box reached me. I was awaiting it because it had an amazing collection of products I so wanted to try out.

First about the box. Super classy in a black matte finish, this box is perfect to adorn any beauty dresser. I absolutely adore the oh so sophisticated look it has!

Now for what was in my box and what I eagerly awaited:

  • KinGirls Macarons
    • Truffle & Cocoa 3D Face Mask
    • Raspberry Extract Invisible Face Mask
  • Omorfee Green Apple Face Wash
  • Wella Professionals
    • Oil Reflections – Luminous Reveal Shampoo
    • Oil Reflections – Luminous Reboost Mask
  • Elixir – Toning Elixir

All the products were impressive and this truly came out to be an anniversary edition.

Let’s talk about each in detail:

  1. KinGirls Macarons

Everyone knows that Korean skin care rocks, and this Korean brand has done just that with its revolutionary skin care face masks.


  • Truffle & Cocoa 3D Face Mask

This mask promises to bring your skin super plumped up hydration. It contains Theobroma Cocoa butter, truffle extracts and sage leaf extracts. Truffles revitalizes the skin’s natural anti-aging capabilities. It claims to be super hydrating and has the perfect fit with loops to hang over the ears, to keep it in place. I just can’t wait to use it! That is once I can bring myself to rip open that sooo beautiful packaging.

  • Raspberry Extract Invisible Face Mask

This packaging is even more amazing. That pop of colour is so amazing. This mask is power packed with natural extracts of raspberry, pomegranate & orange peel. It claims to soften the skin and rejuvenate it.

Price: ₹520 for each mask of 33ml

  1. Omorfee Green Apple Face Wash

Power laden with amazing natural goodness, this face wash is very promising. An apple protein based cleansing agent, it claims to clear the skin of all oil & grime. Volcanic Ash helps in detoxifying the skin, while inclusions like basil oil & tea tree oil help cleaning impurities and provide antiseptic properties. Orange & Lemon essential oils are also added to provide that additional astringent qualities. A perfect concoction of all natural ingredients making this a true winner.

Price: ₹499 for 30ml (Full Size: ₹1199 for 100ml)

  1. Wella Professionals
    1. Oil Reflections – Luminous Reveal Shampoo
    2. Oil Reflections – Luminous Reboost Mask

A perfect hair care duo, they promise to leave your hair shining, smooth & luminous.


Enriched with precious oils like Camelia and White tea, this shampoo provides intense moisture to the hair and locks it in, keeping it hydrated & shiny.

Price: ₹200 for 30ml (Full size: ₹1075 for 150ml)

The mask super conditions the hair by nourishing and replenishing the hair structure to provide lasting shine and hydration.

  1. Elixir – Toning Elixir

A magic potion for your skin. This toner is enriched with witch hazel, Rose water, Lavender water, Chamomile & Geranium water and various essential oils, a special blend to suit acne prone, sensitive skin. It clarifies and firms up the skin, keeps it hydrated while also fighting acne by balancing the oil production. The perfect “T” in your “CTM” routine.

Price: ₹400 for 100ml

In addition to the above products, we were also sent a voucher for My Glamm, an online luxury beauty store, and this ₹500 voucher could be used with no restrictive spend. That’s just an additional ₹500 in the pocket!!


Now you know why I was eagerly waiting for my envy box. It was an amazing anniversary edition and I hope they keep up the quality of curation.


Next month’s box is already up for grabs and it looks beautiful. Awaiting the sneak peeks!

You can check it out & buy your own at:

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