Product Review: VedaEarth Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack + Facial Oil Combo

I ain’t really the types to cake myself over with make-up to cover flaws, and though I do believe make-up can be used to enhance your features, I think it all starts from clear healthy skin. And that is what I aim for…

Of course, we all have those common skin concerns at some point or another. Either we get acne scars or pigmentation and even the most often flawless skin needs some pampering to bring it back to its true glory. To help with this pampering, VedaEarth have come up with this amazing daily use solution, that not only helps clear any pigmentation but also lighten scars and leave the skin clear and radiant. It is the VedaEarth Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack + Facial Oil Combo!

Something about the brand


It is all in the name – Veda and Earth, where knowledge meets nature’s bounty! VedaEarth is a brand that strongly believes in the herbal traditions of Ayurveda and the healing fragrances of Aromatherapy and by uniquely combining the two they believe in creating magical beauty solutions.

Packed with the goodness of nature, they combine essential & carrier oils in unique blends that work on the body and mind with rich goodness and uplifting fragrances. They are committed to bring alternative, natural, cruelty free products to their consumers.

The Products & My Experience

VedaEarth Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack + Facial Oil Combo


This magical duo comes as a combo and are meant to be used daily to achieve that glowing, flawless skin. The pack is perfectly packaged with a nice glass jar for the pack and a small plastic dropper bottle for the oil. Though the oil is available separately on their site, they work best together.





I love the packaging. The face pack powder is extremely fine and needs to be kept in an air tight jar to help retain it’s goodness, so it came packaged in the perfect little air-tight jar. The oil of course needs to be used by the drop so packaged in a small dropper bottle, it is ideal to measure out the quantity required. The both came neatly packaged in a combo box, giving it a nice rich look. A small wooden spoon was the absolute bonus! I love it. It is perfect for measuring out the quantity and looks extremely rustic and country!

My Experience:

I used this for a while before I came back to with my review and OMG… this combo is too good. I absolutely love the difference it has made to my skin. I don’t have too problematic skin, it being pretty normal except for occasional break outs, which do tend to leave a few marks behind. Also with age there is a slight tinge of pigmentation on my face. I started using this combo daily for a while and then I decided to reduce the frequency because to be honest I think this did cause my skin to dry out a lot. Having said that, I don’t think this will suit those with dry skin as it will only further dry it out. I also don’t highly recommend it for those with sensitive skin without a patch test first, because it can be a little strong on the skin. I used it consistently and I have definitely seen a difference on  skin. Though it really doesn’t help much with acne, it does definitely help reduce the scars drastically. I feel that any mistakes in makeup can be completely avoided with flawless skin. Makeup should only be to enhance your beauty and not hid it away.

The pack is an extremely fine powder form, and because it is so fine and dissolvable, one has to be really careful with the quantity of water added. This one, unlike other packs, doesn’t really have too much of a thickening agent so can thin out easily.

The recommendation is to use rose water, and I personally think that works better as it provides some sort of nourishment to the skin. A spoonful of the pack with a few drops of the oil is what you need. Add to it some rose water and this pack is super easy to apply. Being a relatively thin mask, this does dry out quickly so one needs to be a little cautious on the time it is left on. Once it starts to dry it does pull abit on the skin so I prefer not letting it dry completely.

With a few pats of water, this washes off easily leaving hydrated, rich, glowing skin. I personally think the results are visible in a couple of uses. It definitely brightens the skin and helps in fading the pigmentation. The few scars I have, do fade as well.


  • A combination of Ayurveda and aroma therapy products
  • All natural
  • Beautifully packaged (yup that is a pro for me)
  • Effective results


  • A little pricey for the combos but honestly I think it is worth the spend.
  • A little drying out so can be avoidable for dry skin people

Price: ₹680 for 100 gm pack + 25 ml oil

Rating: 9/10

*As a disclaimer, I do still recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

You can buy it online at:

I do recommend you check out their other products as well because they have some awesome stuff.

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