Product Review: The Face Shop Açia Berry Real Nature Face Mask

Face Masks have become a necessity with me and I absolutely love using them. I love the cool feeling they bring to my skin and most of the time, the hydrated refreshed skin post use. I especially love when the face masks are enhanced with natural extracts.

Have stocked up on loads of facial masks from various brands, one of them being The Face Shop.

Something about the brand

face shop.jpg

This brand originated way back in 2003 in Korea, and within a year they were exporting to Hongkong, Thailand & Singapore. By 2006 they reached across the globe to the US and there has been no stopping them since then.

A globally recognised brand, The Face Shop are known for their skin care products enhanced with natural extracts. Their face masks have taken over the world and I, of course, had to get them.

Nykaa usually has amazing offers on The Face Mask Sheet Masks, their Real Nature line being super popular and I picked up a wide range of masks to try out.

The Product & My Experience

The Face Shop Açia Berry Real Nature Face Mask


Part of the Real Nature range of face mask, this mask came packed with the goodness of Açia berry. Açia Berries (also known as Karvandha) are small round fruits, brilliant reddish-purple in color. Being super fruit, they are particularly rich in Vitamins A, B, C & E aand extremely rich in anti-oxidants. They are known to heal damaged skin cells, revive your skin, reverse signs of aging and retain moisture. This being said, they are of course very popularly used in anti-aging treatments.

Since I ain’t getting any younger, I have started paying a little extra attention to anti-ageing products and hence decided to try out this one.



My Experience:

Being very realistic, I don’t expect miracles from face masks. I understand that face masks are just a method of concentrating the essence or serum on to the skin and will of course need constant use to have visible effects. I have come across some masks that just surprise me though, with its effects being evident with a single use, and this is one such mask.

The mask came packaged in a single use foil pouch. The packaging itself was very vibrant and attractive. With Açia Berries printed on the top, it called out to me. The mask was neatly folded inside, soaking with a fairly thick essence. The essence was a little sticky but bearable. It was a little difficult to unfold and apply, but once placed it stayed put. There was quite a bit of essence left behind, which I liberally slathered all over my neck and décolletage, after all the neck shows first signs of aging.

After leaving the mask on for 15 mins, I slowly remove it off. The mask was still quite damp so I used it like a sponge and dabbed the remaining essence all over my face and neck. I then lightly massaged it into my skin.

Post use effect:

I was amazed at the effect of this mask! In 15 -20 mins my skin felt tightened. The pores were visibly minimized and the skin felt plumped and super hydrated. Though I don’t really have fine lines yet, thankfully, the area around my eyes looked much more brighter and smoother. I am totally impressed. The effects lasted a couple of days with my skin glowing like no one’s business!! And slowly subsided. I am sure regular use of this mask is surely going to bring about some major improvement to the skin.


  • Hydrating and anti-ageing effect with natural extracts of Açia Berries
  • Visible effect lasted a couple of days


  • A little difficult to apply as no foil backing
  • Thick mask so retained a lot of the serum

This variant of The Face Shop Real Nature Mask is definetly one to look out for!



You can buy it online at Nykaa at a special discount:

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