Subscription Review: August 2017 ZoBag Mini

When you look out for affordable beauty subscription services who provide good brands and value for money, the one name that comes to mind is “ZoBag”.

This is my second bag from them, and though I received my last bag too late to publish a review, I absolutely love their products.

This month, I decided to check out their mini bag. With the GST phenomena messing with all product prices, I was glad to come across the August ZoBag Mini for just ₹350 + ₹100 for shipping, which makes it an extremely affordable bag at less than ₹500 with products worth ₹1000.


What I loved most about this month’s bag is the bag itself is sooo cute and useable and the products are all usable and something I would anyway look to purchase.


The bag is a very traditional looking green bag with thread work stripes across it in yellow, pink and purple with a red sling strap. It closes shut with a small loop button and is certainly usable for daily errands.


What’s in my bag:

  • Blue Heaven Artisto Velvet Matte Lip Crayon
  • MOND’SUB Golden Collagen Eyelid Masks
  • MOND’SUB Pure Rejuvenating, Renewing, Radiant & Shining Beauty Face Mask
  • Fuschia Crystal Rose Foot Soak
  • Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream

The products were perfectly placed in the bag, with the lipstick securely bubble wrapped to ensure no damage. Let’s go through the products received.

  1. Blue Heaven Artisto Velvet Matte Lip Crayon


Like many subscription boxes, ZoBag this month gave a choice from 4 lipstick shades. The choice was between Cherry Red (deep red), Cocoa Mania (brown), Coral Love (pink tone), Morange (orange) and I chose the Cocoa Mania variant.


With a smooth velvety matte finish, this lip crayon is decently pigmented and extremely creamy so doesn’t dry out the lips. It is a basic twist up crayon with a transparent cap.

Price: ₹150 for 3.2gm

  1. MOND’SUB Golden Collagen Eyelid Masks


Have been loving Mond’Sub products of late and just got a nice huge haul from them. Check it out on the below link:

This is one product I had my eyes on and it was out of stock when I got around to shopping, so missed it, but was already expecting it in my ZoBag. Have tried the under eye patches and loved it, so super excited to try this one as it covers the entire eyelid providing double the benefit. This mask is enriched with nano-active gold, bone collagen, placental extract, aloe extract, ginkgo extract, vitamin C & E, hyaluronic acid and rose essential oil. It claims to moisturize, rehydrate and regenerate the delicate eye area, minimize eye-bags and fade dark circles.


Price: ₹100 for 1 eye mask

  1. MOND’SUB Pure Rejuvenating, Renewing, Radiant & Shining Beauty Face Mask


This is another one I was eyeing and didn’t pick up, as expected it to arrive soon. As we age, the skin tends to get dull and we need that additional boost once in a while to keep it glowing. This face mask promises to do just that. It provides that boost of hydration and with its anti-aging essence it brings a glow to the skin and reduces fine lines.


Price: ₹250 for 1 mask of 25gm

  1. Fuschia Crystal Rose Foot Soak


Another of my favourite brands, this Fuschia foot soak has been so raved about I have to try it out. The fragrance is amazing, with the rich aroma of roses. Made with natural sea salt & Epsom salts, enriched with rose petals and rose oil, this is the perfect soak to destress at the end of a tired day.


Price: ₹250 for 50gm

  1. Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream


One more amazing product from Fuschia which I have already tried and absolutely love. With the refreshing scent of peppermint, this cream is super nourishing with a cooling sensation on application. It freshens up the feet, leaving it super hydrated and nourished.

Price: ₹250 for 50gm


This month’s ZoBag mini is amazing and I can’t stop praising it. Love the beautiful sling bag, with the amazing curation of products inside, just perfect for me! Love each and every product and they are all from popular brands known for their amazing quality.

You can buy your own bag at:

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