Product Review: Myoho French Green Clay Face Mask

My sincere apologies for missing in action. Been kinda pre-occupied the last couple of weeks and that kept me away from blogging. Trying my best to ensure I take out the time to write for you all.

Today going to do a quick review on a product I received last month in my #InToTheWild July My Envy Beauty Box. I realised it is way too late to do a review on the box so decided to pick up one of the star products and review that.

I am talking about the Myoho Face Mask.

Something about the brand


Myoho is a handcrafted luxury brand with all natural products. They claim to bring exuberating opulence to your life with handcrafted luxury soaps and body products, crafted with the purest natural ingredients. All their products are a luxurious fusion of natural oils, butters and essential oils, fabricated by hand in complete and respectful accordance with nature.

They are on facebook at:

The Product and My Experience

Myoho French Green Clay Face Mask



This amazing little concoction is available in a 40gm plastic tub. While the screw-top, plastic tub seems to be of average quality, the packaging is impressive with an extra internal seal to ensure no product spillage.


Water, French Green Clay, Sunflower oil, Fruit Extract, Proplyene Glycol, Glycerol, Fragrance, Polysorbate 80

My experience:

The mask is of quite a liquid consistency, something quite unexpected of a clay mask. It applies a thin layer quite easy but since the usage instructions mention to put a thick layer, you need to layer this up. It’s relatively quick to dry but since it has this kind of slimy consistency it does take a few washes to remove.

Post use of this mask, the skin definitely feels super clean and refreshed. It leaves a nice hydrated feel, unlike most clay masks that dry out the skin. It also calms any acne or redness on the skin so that is an advantage.


  • Easy to apply
  • Dries quickly
  • Effective as leaves the skin well cleansed
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin


  • Using the mask from the tub directly can be a little unhygienic so would need to scoop out the product
  • Feel the consistency is a little too thin for a clay mask

Overall a great product and though it is a little pricey at ₹380 for a 40gm tub, it is quite worth it.

You can buy yours from prop shop:

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