Brand & Product Review: Kronokare Go A(Long) Way Growth Boosting Hair oil

This week is special because I am going to do a brand series!

It is a brand I have been using since a long time now and there some products which I just can’t do without. With every launch of theirs, they bring in better products to the market and absolutely adore them!

I am talking about Kronokare!


Something about the brand

“Chronos” is regarded as the God of Time in Greek Mythology. Kronokare – a vision in cosmetics ahead of time.

All Kronokare products are Sulphate free, paraben free, mineral oil free and silicone free. Their formulations are created avoiding any harmful chemicals or harsh surfactants. They are enriched with widely sourced natural active ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts and seed oils and always keen on better developing themselves.

They believe in cruelty free products and expect the same of their vendors. No animal testing and environmentally responsible are philosophies they live by. They reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing raw materials locally and using recyclable packaging. Even their labels are printed on recyclable material.

When you see a brand contributing so much in every possible way, one has just got to support them!


They have 4 different collections:

Kronaroma – A collection of Aromatherapy inspired toiletries. They are formulated with gentle ingredients and enriched with active natural ingredients. Range Includes – Caribbean Ginger, Provencal Lavender, Mediterranean Citrus.


Voyage En Indes – A tribute to India, it’s focus is on the fascinating fragrances unique to its amazing regions. Range includes – Kashmiri Garden, Spices of Rajasthan, Bamboo of Assam, Forest of Bengal.

Let’s Face It – Their Face care range is enriched with botanical extracts, vitamins and nutritive oils and consist of non-comedogenic and totally non-irritant products suitable for a variety of skin types. Range includes – Flower Power Face Toner, Polish the Blemish Face Scrub, City Detox Face Wash, Bash the Gloss & Moist-urge Face Creams, Frizz the Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm.

Kronospa – A range of 100% natural body and hair care products that are made with the purest oil blends. Range includes – Body oil, Hair Oil & Bath Salts.

The Product & My Experience

Throughout the week we will go through a range of their products and my experience and opinion on each of them. Today we begin with the most recent launch of theirs.

Kronokare Go A(Long) Way Growth Boosting Hair oil.


This magical potion is something which I have absolutely fallen in love with. From the first use itself, you can feel the difference in your hair.

It is quite a light, transparent oil, with the most amazing, relaxing scent of lavender. It’s the perfect before bed time, relaxant massaging oil. A little goes along way with this and a light massage before hitting the bed assures you a relaxing, sound and stress free sleep.



Coconut Oil, Rosemary leaf Oil, Ylang Ylang Flower oil, Lavender Oil, Lime Oil, Thyme Oil & Vitamin E.


As all of their products, this comes packed in a recyclable PET bottle. The only disappointing thing about this product is the fact that it is a little difficult to control dispensing as it comes with a flip top cap. Would have definitely preferred a pump dispenser.

It is available in a 100ml & 30ml bottle and ₹595 & ₹225 respectively.


  • All Natural
  • Light on the hair
  • Smells heavenly
  • Extremely destressing
  • Strengthens and smoothens the hair, with effects visible post the first use


  • Would have preferred a pump bottle to make dispensing easy.

Am surely going to repurchase this product as I feel the difference it is making to my hair. It feels thicker and stronger, definitely much smoother and the Lavender scent has really helped me get a good night’s sleep!

This is a 9.8/10 product and have made this one of my essentials.

You can buy it online at:

Stay tuned for the next Kronokare product review!

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