Subscription Review: The Colour Drama July 2017 Fab Bag

The Fab Bag is always coming up with these innovative themes and funky names for them. They usually curate their bags according to the theme of the month and very often have one product of choice.


This month received “The Colour Drama” July Fab Bag, but I think, for a first in a long time, this bag kinda let me down in terms of the products relating to the theme.

The bag is a nice pop of a pinkish-peachy colour, very bright and absolutely in tune with the Colour Drama theme. It has a cute wristlet attachment so can be easily carried around. so no complaints with the bag.


The products I got this month are:

  1. Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – Viola
  2. Kronokare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo
  3. Just Herbs Herb Enriched Skin Tint
  4. Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Free Toner

This month too, the products were few and unfortunately just didn’t go with the theme. Only one product went with the theme and that was the star product of the bag and the product of choice the Sugar Lipstick.

Let’s look at them a little more in detail.

  1. Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – Viola


We received the usual mailer from Fab Bag to choose one product and as expected it was amongst the new Sugar launches.

Sugar recently launched few more shades in the matte as hell range and I was awaiting Fab Bag to include them. They also had a choice amongst the newly launched Sugar liquid lipstick. Having used and loved the Matte as hell Crayon in the past, I didn’t waste time in opting for their latest mauvish-nude shade. This was the one product I was looking forward to since I absolutely loved the colour. As the standard goes, along with the crayon, I received the Sugar Lip Crayon sharpner as well.


Price : ₹799 for a crayon of 2.8gm

  1. Kronokare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo

I am absolutely loving Kronokare products and am looking to do a detailed review on some of their products shortly. Received this sample shampoo bottle of the newly launched Hydrate the Hair range. With the awesome scent of Mediterranean Citrus, I am sure I am going to absolutely love this one. The scent itself is sooooo refreshing, it is the perfect wake me up I need in the morning.


Price : ₹165 for 55ml

  1. Just Herbs Herb Enriched Skin Tint

Just Herbs as a brand is known for it’s natural, ayurvedic based products and this, I think, is a relatively recent addition to their line. It’s a skin tint, like a concealer but the wow factor about this is that it is a herbal concoction! Claims to give medium coverage but it also provides broad spectrum sun protection which is just another tick in the box for this product.

When I initially swatched it, as you can see, the colour does seem extremely light for me, but on blending it quite settled down. Can be used as a highlighter concealer. Surprisingly this tint, comes in only one shade to suit all, and the prime purpose is to blur imperfections, kinda giving that photo-finish look. I think this would work really well with a complete foundation look, and not if one is looking to just use a basic conceal and powder finish.

Price : ₹385 for a 15gm

  1. Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Free Toner

Tvakh is another brand that has quite intrigued me, with their natural products. This tiny bottle of goodness contains no parabens, no sulphates, no GMO, phthalates, no petroleum oils and most importantly, NO ALCOHOL. That means this toner is not gonna dry your skin out.  A fruit enzyme based toner, this is curated using natural fruit extracts containg natural AHA & BHA that helps to cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin while minimizing pores. I am super keen to try this out and will keep you updated on how it worked out.

Price : ₹160 for 50ml


So that’s it for this month’s Fab Bag products, and overall I would suggest a buy only if you are keen to try out the Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick, as the other products are all sample sizes.

The bag is available on the link below:

Let me know in the comments if anyone would want a review on any of the products specifically.

Also received a discount coupon for Kronkare, shared below for you to shop on their website… and believe me, their products are so worth every rupee spent.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, bye till next time.

p.s. Nearing another subscriber milestone on Instagram and there will be a giveaway up to celebrate that soon…so stay tuned and spread the news!!

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