The Boho Chic Fab Bag June 2017

While the weather is playing games with the rain and the heat, the June Fab bag is giving tribute to nature with the “Boho Chic” June Fab Bag.


Received the cutest jute finish bag which is super spacious and packs some awesome goodies.

The products I got this month are:

  1. Johara Crème Rich Lip Color
  2. Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara
  3. Bio-bloom Foot Cream
  4. APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water


Though compared to last month, the products seemed to be too few they seem super interesting. Let’s look at them all:

  1. Johara Crème Rich Lip Color


As usual, we received a mailer from Fab Bag to choose one product and this was it. We had a choice amongst various shades and this was ideal for me coz finally I get to choose a brown shade. Got the “Cocoa Delight” shade from the Creme lip color range. This long-lasting lipstick is enriched with Ricin Oil & Vitamin E to ensure your lips are amply nourished. Though not smudge proof they seem to be nice and creamy on the lips for a long comfortable wear.


Price : ₹395 for a crayon of 4.5gm

  1. Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara


This would be the second time I would have received this product but I ain’t complaining coz it is fantastic. In the blackest black, this mascara helps transform your eyes. While it doesn’t do too much about volumizing, it does lengthen the lashes considerably. Sugar is one brand I never tire of receiving in my Fab Bag.

Price : ₹699 for 9ml

  1. Biobloom Foot Cream (Eucalyptus)


I absolutely love foot creams and if it’s from an all-natural brand like bio bloom, it’s just amazing. With the rich fragrance of eucalyptus this cream is heavenly. It easily absorbs into the skin and leaves a cool sensation. One will wake up with a nourished, fresh feeling.


Price : ₹335 for a 50gm

  1. APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water

It is so amazing to receive an Organic Spring Water from an Indian Brand. This multi-purpose cleanser-cum-makeup remover is super easy to use. Just spray and wipe off. No need to rinse! And it takes of even the toughest makeup and leaves the skin clean and nourished.

Price : ₹270 for 50ml


This month’s bag is not as over stacked with products, like last month, but it is still just as awesome. Really happy and excited about the spring water, Sugar products are always welcome and the foot cream is needed when I get back home after a long day!

Let me know in the comments if anyone would want a review on any of the products specifically.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, bye till next time.

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