Product Review: EcoBerry Products

Today’s review is long over-due review, but finally getting around to write this. As most of you would know, I am leaning towards natural skin care products recently and today I am going to tell you about one such brand.

Something about the brand


Eco Berry is a brand focused on using the most natural ingredients possible. Even if there is a requirement of some preservative to ensure shelf life of the product, they are always skin-safe and approved.

The belief that nature has the answer to all problems helps them focus on using the purest of ingredients in the most natural forms, to bring out their maximum benefits.

The Products & My Experience

  1. Eco-Berry Hair Growth Oil
  2. Eco-Berry Choco-Scotch Kids Soap
  3. Eco-Berry Orange Lip Scrub
  4. Eco-Berry Peppermint Lip Balm
  5. Eco-Berry Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Some of these were samples and unfortunately the packaging didn’t have too many details of the ingredients used. When I looked it up online too, their website had limited information & that was disappointing. Let’s go over them one at a time.

Eco-Berry Hair Growth Oil

This oil is prepared based on ancient herbal recipes by putting together various herbs that blend amazingly well together to provide the hair & scalp with the boost of nourishment it so needs. The oil itself is a bright reddish maroon colour and quite translucent. It has a few herbs in the bottle and while the oil looks to be quite thin in the bottle it is relatively sticky to the touch but spreads easily. Have used it quite a few times now and am half way through my bottle. The oil has a strong herbal fragrance but isn’t too bad. It does leave the hair amply nourished and soft. I honestly can’t comment on hair growth, maybe it is too soon, but I do feel my hair fall has reduced abit.

This is available in 100ml & 200ml bottles @ ₹210 & ₹410 respectively. Link below:

Would rate this oil at an 8/10 simply for the after feel of my hair. It was super soft and the frizz did cut down.

Eco-Berry Choco-Scotch Kids Soap


This super cute soap was sent in the cutest jute wrapper packaging. It is a swirl designed bar and to add to the cuteness had a small little duck moulded on the top. Unfortunately, when I received my package the duck had his head broken off. So, I guess due to the design the packaging needs to be re-thought.


The ingredients are listed below:


Unlike most handmade soaps, what I liked about this is that it didn’t melt too easily. It maintained its form and yet provided that beautifully nourishing effect, to the effect that one could even skip the moisturizer if the weather ain’t too drying.

Priced at ₹175 for a bar they have multiple variants available a per availability I assume, as this is no longer on their site but a strawberry swirl variant is. Link below:

Would rate the soap 8.5/10 for its moisturizing effect.

Eco-Berry Orange Lip Scrub


Though I received this product, I can’t seem to find it on the Eco-Berry site. Initially thought it must be a new launch but it still isn’t available online. Hopefully it is added soon.

This sugar scrub is the perfect natural lip scrub one would want to DIY. With sugar, orange peel, shea butter, olive oil and orange essential oil, it is a perfect combination of all things good. The only complaint I have against this product is the colour. Though it doesn’t indicate added colour, this scrub has a strong orange tinge and leaves behind a light orange tint even once washed off.

Would rate the lip scrub a 6.5/10 as the orange tint was very unappealing.

Eco-Berry Peppermint Lip Balm


This is my favourite of the lot. This cooling natural moisturizing lip balm has been my companion for a while now. With the super convenient packaging of a roll up stick, this is perfect to pop in your pocket for the day. It leaves a cooling effect to the lips, and the scent is amazing. The quite strong peppermint fragrance is so refreshing. Love it!

This product too is not available online on their site anymore but they have multiple variants. Check it out on the link below:

Would rate the lip balm a 9.5/10 and the only drawback is the not so great packaging.

Eco-Berry Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

This product is the purest form of virgin coconut oil and can be used as a base ingredient for a lot of DIYs or as is in cooking or skincare. This is the one product which has a nice explanation of benefit listed and I don’t think I need to tell anyone how good coconut oil is for us. Check out the product and benefits on the Eco-berry website.

Link below:

Would rate the oil a 10/10 as it can’t get any purer & priced at ₹240 for a litre this is amazing.


All the products impressed me with their natural ingredients though they do need to list their ingredients on the products and website. The products impressed but to up the marketing game, I think they need to work abit on the packaging and labeling. Considering the rates of products, I understand that they are a small-scale business and considering that they do justice. Look forward to checking out a few more products from them and a definite re-purchase will be their lip balm!

Check out their site at:

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