The Adore Package – Beauty Box!

The Adore Package started off as a PMS subscription box.. an exciting curation of products to pamper your during that time of the month to make sure it goes by a little bit easier! And now, for which i am super glad, they recently introduced their beauty box subscription too!

A relatively low cost subscription, this amazing curation of products primarily consists of products from brands that believe in all natural beauty and  which avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

It comes packaged in this cute plastic outer packaging which brings a smile to your face, before even opening it. Sorry, I opened it in excitement & then decided to click a pic!


Inside is the standard brown cardboard box with “the Adore Package” printed on it.


They top it off with a couple of cards, and inside are the products among some paper shreds used to protect the contents and add some lively colour.

What was in my box:

There were 5 products across 3 different brands: Nivea, Blossom Kochhar & Fuschia. I got to be honest with you, I primarily subscribed for this box simply because of the Fuschia Mask inside and all the other products were a bonus!

The products I received:

  • Nivea Care & Colour Lip Balm
  • Blossom Kochhar – Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner
  • Blossom Kochhar – Aroma Magic Carrot Sunscreen Lotion
  • Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask
  • Fuschia Pomegranate Pearls Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub

Let’s quickly review them one by one:

  1. Nivea Care & Colour Lip Balm


This lip balm is one of the recent launches from Nivea in their lip care range. This lip balm has 2 layers for maximum protection of your lips. The outer colour coat is intensely moisturizing and provides a subtle red colour coat to your lips, but the inner layer is what makes it super special. It’s called the inner Care Core and includes Panthenol and enriched with Pro-Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to provide a protective and healing dimension to your lip care.

Price: ₹200 for 4.8gm

  1. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner


This alcohol free, antiseptic toner is perfect for all types of skin. It helps close the pores, restore the skins natural pH balance and bring a bright radiant look to the skin. This includes extracts of pomegranate, lavender & peppermint which helps renew skin cells. It includes witch hazel to help the skin retain it’s moisture, and essential oils of rosemary and ylang ylang which act like natural astringents and help calm the skin.

Price: ₹100 for 100ml

  1. Blossom Kochhar – Aroma Magic Carrot Sunscreen Lotion

This all natural sunscreen provides full spectrum protection against the harmful UVA & UVB sun rays. This summer I am all about natural sunscreens and this is definitely a welcome addition. The formula is extremely light weight and easily absorbs into the skin. It contains various essential oils like carrotseed, sea buckthorn & rice bran so one would expect it to be greasy but am happy to confirm there is no greasiness after it absorbs in the skin, but one has to be careful not to use too much. The sad thing is the instructions do advise to reapply after every 90 minutes and that could be quite an inconvenience!

Price: ₹95 for 50ml

  1. Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask


This was my major reason for subscribing to this box. I have been dying to try out the Fuschia Charcoal Detox ace Mask and seeing this available in this box just convinced me it was worth another subscription!

This detox mask is amazing on the skin. It brightens and refreshes the skin with just one use and I absolutely love it. Off late I have been loving activated charcoal products and this just topped the list.

I love Fuschia products and this was one on my list of “must buys”.


Price: ₹250 for 50gm

  1. Fuschia Pomegranate Pearls Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub


I already have and reviewed this product so you can check out the link below for details on this amazing product:

Product Review: Fuschia by VKare – Pomegranate Collection

Price: ₹150 for 30gm


I got this box at a special discounted rate of ₹499 with a promotion code but the usual cost varies from ₹599 to ₹527 per box depending on the length of your subscription.

Considering the products are worth ₹795, this subscription box is a steal. Would highly recommend considering the amazing brands associated with The Adore Package. I am definitely subscribing next month!!

You can buy yours at:

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