“Sip of Summer” May My Envy Beauty Box

Perfect to cool yourself in this hot summer month, comes along the “Sip of Summer” May My Envy Beauty Box. Packed to the brim, this month’s box was outstanding considering the various brands that were introduced. Yes, the samples were a little too tiny for most of them, but I was nice to try out these high end brands in a subscription box. Besides the other products were good too so quite the value for money!!


What was in my box:

  • The Natures’s Co Mango Crème Body Wash
  • Cheryl’s Dermashade Sunblock SPF 30
  • Grecobe – Green Coffee
  • Fuschia Herbal Fusion Shampoo
  • L’Occitane
    • Shea Butter Hand Cream
    • Reine Blanche Illuminating Cream
    • Reine Blanche Illuminating Serum
  • Omorfee Mellow Drizzle Skin Toner


So after that looooong list, let’s go through them all:

  1. The Nature’s Co Mango Crème Body Wash

For a mango lover like me, this was a pleasant surprise. With all natural ingredients, this body wash is just what one should be reaching out for. A little thinner that what I would have expected from a body wash, this body wash is amazing when put to the test. Lathers well, leaves an ever so subtle lingering fragrance and the skin feels well nourished and hydrated. Loving it!

Price: ₹695 for 175ml (Full size of 250ml is for ₹995)

  1. Cheryl’s Dermashade Sunblock SPF 30

What I love about Cheryl’s products is the fact that they bring in the best of both worlds by combining natural extracts with scientifically proven bio-technological ingredients to provide the best possible skin care solutions. This sunblock is really does keep away the tan. Enriched with Noni Fruit extracts to help with collagen build up, tomato fruit extract which is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps reduce melanin synthesis, pomegranate extract to reduce sun damage, Vitamin C to reduce skin darkening and many other super beneficial ingredients, this sunblock protects and repairs the skin. With a SPF of 30, this sunblock provides UVA & UVB protection. It is absorbed easily into the skin, leaving behind no white cast or sticky residue, and I am super excited to make this a daily essential.

Price: ₹550 for 50gm

  1. Grecobe Green Coffee

The latest craze across the globe after green tea, Green Coffee. It is said to have strong anti-oxidant properties and even reduce blood sugar levels. It also is said to assist in weight loss and I think that’s the reason it is in such focus.

We received a small pouch with 5 tiny sachets of green coffee and a small instruction slip. I am yet to try this out but I will soon.

Price: ₹550 for 5 sachets (Full size 30 sachets for ₹540)

  1. Fuschia Herbal Fusion Shampoo

I absolutely love Fuschia products and any one following me would know that.

Check out my previous posts for details:


I have their scrubs and masks in multiple varieties but this is a new launch of their herbal shampoo range. With extracts of Shikakai, Bhrami & Aloe Vera this has got to be great for your hair. Look forward to using this herbal fusion!

Price: ₹450 for 100ml

  1. L’Occitane
    1. Shea Butter Hand Cream
    2. Reine Blanche Illuminating Cream
    3. Reine Blanche Illuminating Serum

Though I was excited to see My Envy was staying true to it’s name as a luxury box and providing high end brands to sample, I was extremely disappointed with the sampler size. We received one time use sachets for all 3 products, which was quite a disappointment as there is no way one can judge a product like that.


Shea Butter Hand Cream – ₹96 for 3ml (Full Size – 30ml for ₹720)

Reine Blanche Illuminating Cream – ₹95 for 1.5ml (Full Size – 50ml for ₹4,590)

Reine Blanche Illuminating Serum – ₹91 for 1ml (Full Size – 30ml for ₹4,590)

  1. Omorfee Mellow Drizzle Skin Toner

20170521_205634Disappointing to receive such small samples of this product too but excited to try it. This magical toner is enriched with Lavender, Sour Honey & Rose to tone & soothe the skin. This magical potion is developed to enhance blood circulation, soothe & moisturize the skin while leaving a skin tightening and glowing effect. Two tiny sample bottles may not be sufficient to gauge it’s potential but may give an idea of it’s capability.

Price: ₹32 for 4ml (Full Size – 100ml for ₹799)


This month’s box was overflowing with awesome brands but the tiny samples didn’t really impress. While I absolutely love the body wash, sunscreen and shampoo, the samples were quite a let down and would have preferred one deluxe sample of either brand rather than these tiny sachets. Hope My Envy Box is listening and next time the box up’s its game.

You can buy your envy box at:


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