Time To Pamper – May Glamego Box

The third month of pure amazement… This box never ceases to amaze me. Whilst I got this at an unbelievable price of ₹199 per box as part of the introductory offer (and now I repent not subscribing for a longer period!), the current subscription at ₹299 to as low as ₹269 a box is still amazingly affordable and total value for money.


This month’s theme is “Time to Pamper” and true to it’s name it is the perfect curation of pampering products. As always, the products are from brands that believe in natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals.

Products I received:

  • Soap Square Premium Himalayan Foot Soak
  • Mcaffeine Neem Caffeine Face Wash
  • BioBloom Handmade Sulphate Free Soap
  • Vedic Line Choco Strawberry Lip Cream

Let’s go through them all:

  1. Soap Square Premium Himalayan Foot Soak/Bath Salt.

I received a smaller pack of this same product in my Fab Bag this month and absolutely love it. A handful in a tub of hot water makes the most amazing soak for tired feet at the end of the day. One can feel the stress leave the body and it is the perfect way to end the day before getting into bed for my beauty sleep. It has an amazing fragrance of roses and leaves the feet feeling refreshed, clean and fragrant.

Price: ₹400 for 140gm

  1. Mcaffeine Neem Caffeine Face Wash

Mcaffeine isn’t new to me & I have raved about this brand before. Check out my previous blog, link below:


However, this product is still new, but I have already fallen in love with it’s scent. It’s quite strong but amazingly energizing and immediately wakes you up. It is the neem variant so super awesome for acne prone skin and off late with the break outs I have been getting, I can’t wait to make this my staple.

Price: ₹199 for 50ml

  1. BioBloom Handmade Sulphate Free Soap

What can be more de-stressing than the scent of Lavender. Received this BioBloom Handmade soap in the Lavender Variant. Lavender is a natural relaxant and adds additional benefits to this soap as it helps removing the free radicals that effect the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft and super moisturized.

Price: ₹125 for 100gm

  1. Vedic Line Choco Strawberry Lip Cream

Everybody loves Chocolate and who can refuse a lip cream infused with cocoa! I am a lip balm/cream addict and am super excited to have received this small little lip cream pot from Vedic Line. The cocoa fragrance is heavenly and the formula is ideal to provide ample protection to the lips. The Vitamin E infused in the formula helps heal chapped dry lips too.

Price: ₹85 for 15ml


I am definitely going to re-subscribe and at a price as low as ₹269 a box on an annual subscription, this box is a beauty steal. Check out my reviews of the previous month’s boxes on the links below:



You can buy it online at:


Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, and share the news. Bye till next time!

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