‘The Beauty Trippin’ May Fab Bag

School Summer Vacations have begun and it’s time for all the family holidays. What better way to prep for the holiday than with ‘The Beauty Trippin’ May Fab Bag.


This Funky yet glam bag was designed with the holiday travel in mind. With the slogan “Work Sleep Travel Repeat” this is ideal for me, cause that’s just what life is.. work, sleep, travel & repeat!

It makes the ideal travel pouch and is perfect to carry all my daily essentials. It was packed to the brim, in fact it was overflowing… Just love receiving such over stuffed bags… shows such value for money!

The products I got this month are:

  1. Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon
  2. Johara Pro Shine Nail Colour
  3. Soap Square Foot Soak
  4. Inatur: Olive Cleansing Milk
  5. Elize Premium Sanitary Pads
  6. Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips

Let’s go through them all with a quick first impressions review:

  1. Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon


This was the one product I was expecting because as usual we received a product of choice for our May Fab Bag, and this was chosen by me. The choice was amongst quite a few products this month, eye shadows, lipsticks & eye crayons. Chose the “High Roller” Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon as this was shade I was eyeing for a while. A nice emerald green shade with a light shimmery finish. Absolutely beautiful.

Price : ₹1200 for a crayon of 2.5gm

  1. Johara Pro Shine Nail Colour


Received this beautiful bottle of nail lacquer in the shade “Pink Youth”. This nail polish applies smoothly, has a long lasting formula and a glossy finish. The brand itself boasts about products created with botanical extracts and evolve from pure science so have high expectations from this product.

Price : ₹250 for 10ml

  1. Soap Square Foot Soak

This Crushed Roses Foot Soak was the best surprise in this bag. I absolutely love a good foot soak and this smells amazing. It really helps destress and relax the feet. Warm water and a handful of these magical crystals makes life better after a long day!

Price : ₹225 for a 70gm

  1. Inatur: Olive Cleansing Milk

It is so essential to clean your face, remove make-up and let your skin breathe. This cleansing milk is perfect to ensure just that. Not too runny this is a perfect consistency cleansing milk with a subtle sweet calming fragrance. Dabbed on a cotton round, it’s ideal to wipe off all the make-up and grime built over the day.

Price : ₹225 for 100ml

  1. Elize Premium Sanitary Pads


This was a big surprise as I never received such products in a Fab Bag before. Received two premium sanitary pads from Elize. Heard about the brand before but in all honestly find this to be extremely over priced for regular use but excited to see what’s the hype about. The full size is a nice blue designer box containing our sanitary supplies for the month. Each pad is individually packed in a zip lock bag making for discreet and easy disposal.

Price : ₹100 for 2 pads.

  1. Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips


I have used Veet several times before so this ain’t a new product to me. Love the convenience these pre-waxed strips provide. It’s extremely easy to use but not everyone finds the courage to wax themselves. Very handy when we need a quick clean up. I received the variety for sensitive skin and having used it before I know it really does provide the calming effect it promises.

Price : ₹99 for 8 strips and 2 perfect finish wipes.


This month we received a bunch of amazing products and I am so happy with the curation. The products are amazing for the summer and the variety of brands is a bonus. This month Fab Bag once again proved it’s value!

You can buy your fab bag here:


Let me know in the comments if anyone would want a review on any of the products specifically.

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