Restaurant Review: Chili’s, Malad

So today’s post is going to be something unexpected.. It’s another food review!!

Enjoying the long weekend, I had a family lunch at Chilli’s, Inorbit Mall Malad, and just had to tell you all about my experience.


Little about the Place

Located on the top floor of Inorbit Mall Malad, this hip and happening joint screams of American culture. This is part of the larger American Brand from Dallas, Texas and the menu is typical to their style of food. The bright and vibrant look and feel of the place is very typical of the brand. The entrance greets you with a foosball table and there is a bar lined up against one corner. The place serves alcohol too but the Tex-Mex style food is what it’s famous for.


My Experience

The place was packed, it being a holiday, and we were lucky we were early for lunch and got the last table. We were four adults and two kids… and you know how lunches go with kids around!!


We got a table along the wall, just next to the kitchen so it was a very busy corner.

The menu was lavish with loads of varieties. I really like that they have these huge portions when you want to order for the table. Most restaurants don’t serve this kind of thoughtful options. They have a wide variety across veg and non-veg food, so it leaves no one at a loss of choice.

Being a Monday, there were multiple benefits lined up for us. They have a promotion going on across the week, where they offer a “buy one, get one free” and for Monday, the option was on Nacho’s.


Being a hardcore non-vegetarian family, we ordered the 8-piece chicken nachos and got another plate free.

We also got an additional benefit where kids below 12 get a free meal when we order an adult meal, so both our kids got to eat free!!

For the kids, we ordered 2 portions of Mac & Cheese. The first plate of Mac & Cheese came with a tiny portion of macaroni with a thick cheesy sauce. Considering it to be a kid’s meal, we were okay with the portion and of course, it was just a 2 yr old eating it, but the thought crossed my mind that this wouldn’t be sufficient for my 8 yr old daughter. And then her plate came, loaded with pasta and lots of sauce that the macaroni was soaking in it. I was glad for the larger portion, but was amazed at the disparity in portion size!


We also had a little trouble in getting cutlery at our table. Everyone around was so busy nobody served us any cutlery! After asking a few servers and getting no response, I sent my daughter over to the service station to ask them for some forks. There they gave her a couple of forks wrapped up in a tissue and so the kids could start their meal. We were later given a plate of some more cutlery.

Our starters, the nachos, came and I must say I was quite impressed. Served with a dollop of sour cream, shredded lettuce and salsa, the Nachos were really good. Presented like tiny pizza slices, it was well done, and quite tasty with just the right amount of cheese.


The main course again had a hiccup, as we took our time and decided on the combo meals for all of us, and post ordering we were informed that the combo meal is not being served as it is a holiday. Something very surprising as there were no conditions on the menu. We took out time again and changed our orders.

Our first main was the Country Fried Chicken. A large piece of fried chicken, with a large boiled corn-on-the-cob, a slice of garlic bread and a uniquely plated scoop of mashed potatoes.


Extremely well cooked and flavored chicken, perfectly done corn-on-the-cob and mashed potatoes topped with an extremely well-seasoned black-pepper sauce, this dish was complete and pleasing. A typical American meal, it was of the standards one would expect when walking into a Chili’s in the US.

The downside: The garlic bread was a little dry, and felt like it was kept for a while before being plated up. The sauce was a little too less, as this left the chicken a little dry towards the end.

Next, the Mango-Chile Chicken.


Again, the sauce was quite the let-down. With too little of the sauce and hardly any mango, it was loaded with tomato and onions. The chicken was well cooked though and the rice was flavored well enough to enjoy on its own. The steamed veggies were just alright.

The kid’s meals were completed with a portion of fries and a cold drink each, apple juice and fanta.  A surprise element and it brought a welcome smile to the kid’s faces. This helped us get through the meal though our food came much after the kids, as they got occupied in the fries!


Next came the Mango-Chile Basa.


Though it was supposed to be the same as the chicken, it was much better. The fish was perfectly cooked and topped well with sauce but it too lacked the “Mango”. Funnily this came with a portion of mashed potatoes instead of the veggies, but since the mashed potatoes were certainly a better bet, we happily ignored this miss.

Then we waited…and waited…and waited..

We had ordered their so-famous Philadelphia Melting Cheese Steak. While placing the order, our server promptly questioned how my bro would like the steak and was informed medium-rare. I ain’t sure where this order got misplaced and we waited a long time before we told him to cancel if it isn’t ready. Our server returned in a few minutes after our final cry for our order and informed us he would get the steak in a couple of minutes. We then informed him we were also waiting on our ice-tea which never came. He promptly arranged for them to arrive.


I guess they were having too busy a day and usually don’t have such service slip-ups and to make up for it he offered our beverages on the house, which was a really nice gesture.

The steak finally came, but having eaten at Chili’s before, I must say this wasn’t upto the mark.


The steak came well done, not the medium rare we asked for and the steamed veggies were too tiny a portion. I honestly felt the sauce too lacked the finish they usually serve, but my bro was hungry by this time and ended up eating it as is!

We had initially planned for dessert but by the time we all were done, with the delays in service, we were tired and decided to just call for the check. The bill clearance was done in an extremely prompt manner and the bill for 4 adults and 2 children was a decent ~₹3.5K, considering the kids ate free and the beverages were served on the house.

Overall, I would rate them a 6.5/10 for this experience, as though they messed up, they did try and salvage the situation with a nice gesture. The food by itself deserves a 8/10.

Hope for a yet better experience next time, and I am sure there will be a next time!!

I highly recommend Chilli’s but would avoid it on high-crowd days.

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